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We've all heard it and probably said it too.

But....... where does the saying come from?


My thoughts were perhaps from people whispering sweet nothings at the front door, knowing the door isn't listening and cannot repeat!.


What are your suggestions?



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The saying down this way is simply "deaf as a post", and this might simply be because the average post is... deaf. smile icon


Sometimes it is possible to look too deeply for a reason.


So how about "daft as a brush"?

That's a saying used down this way - how did that one start I wonder?

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not heard that one before,maybe they are saying it about me instead of to me. :bouncy:

here's the explanation


I doubt that explanation, even though it looks like the one posted all over the net.

Why on earth would the sweep put the child upside down and drop him down the chimney as this would almost certainly mame the child and force the sweep to find a new one.



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Mad as cheese?

New one on me. smile icon

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Puddled as a pit pony


Thats the one my mum always used to say and we are from Stoke which had a lot of mines not sure if thats where it comes from some mine related thing

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