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I have Now bought a BCD3000 (Got it for £125 from HTFR at BPM, so a good price)


Have two problems......


1) I can get it to work with Traktor 3 LE, but for some reason all of my tracks are showing up in the Track Collection but most of them are showing up with the ! mark in the left colum, meaning it knows the tracks should be their but it does not know where to find them, but I dont have time to locate them all by hand it would take days.

Is thier an easier way?


2) I have now managed to configuire everything to work with Traktor 3, the track collection works as it should and thier are no missing tracks.

But........The lights on the console dont light up (the green ones for deck playing, and also all the other buttons have a red light which should light up when the function is set to on) I know these lights work as they work properly with the LE Version......just not with The Full Traktor 3.


I think given the choice I would rather use LE as its cut down and designed for use with the BCD......if only I could sort out the track collection issue.


I did have major problems with LE to begin with in that for some reason all buttons had to be pressed twice to get them to do anything, but I sorted that out by lowering the latency settings.


So as you can see both LE and the full Traktor 3 both work, but with problems.

I would like to be able to have both versions fully working if possible.


I have also today been playing with traktor and the BCD......when its working it works great.....but it has been having troubles with crashing and freezing up.


Can anyone help as I was meant to be using it for a gig tomorow, dunno if I dare risk it now?



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