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Any Advice Please Paypal Problem ?

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Any advice please Guys ?

Sold a Mint pair of Acme Leo's a few weeks ago to a right arrogant prat on Fleabay.

He used the 'Buy it now option' with immediate payment required.

The Guy was desperate for delivery for Halloween, but DID NOT use the optional insured delivery option.

The day after halloween i get a sh!tty mail from the guy stating lights were not in the condition described (total rubbish!) and either refund him or he would escalate a claim to Paypal which he did.

He claims lights were scratched, wires were loose and a mirror broken.

I stated this must have happened in carraige and i cannot be held responsible for his chosen delivery option (uninsured). He is adamant the goods were not damaged in transit (he would do , he didnt pick insurance option) and the lights had been in this condition PRIOR to dispatch, so were therefore not as described. My guess is he couldnt claim via insurance, most prob got damaged at gig so it was easier to say they were delivered in this condition.


Anyway the claim was escalated to Paypal and was due to be resolved by this Friday (Nov 30th). I have a defeceit of £130 in my paypal account now and cant use it, as i obviousely withdrew the funds when this guy started his nonsense as a safeguard. The dispute has been on hold for a bit as the guy needed to reply to paypal as i had done my bit in providing info. However, logged into my Paypal account today to see if theres any development in the case and find i have supposedly agreed to refund the buyer in full upon return of the goods (I supposedly agreed this on 20th November, which i hadnt agreed by the way).

I had offered him a £20 refund (like an idiot) as a gesture to put this too bed which he declined about 2 weeks ago.


So this morning i email Paypal and told them i had not agreed to resolve the case or accept the goods back (still awaiting reply). However, i get a paypal email this afternoon providing a tracking number stating the goods are on the way back via interlink.

so where do i go from here guys ? close my paypal account ? refuse delivery when they arrive ?

contact my bank ?


Any advice please ?

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What were the return terms you put on the original Ebay sale page?

How did you send them??? If its Royal Mail you can make a claim for damage up to £32.00 so when this guy returns them to you make a complaint to R.M with your proof of posting & at least get cash to repair the lights (if you packed them properly)

If this chap has put a claim in & is returning your goods paypal will favour him

I sell alot of items on e-bay, but it sounds like your guy just needed them for one night used them & dropped them

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ALWAYS send recorded or insured delivery and get a tracking number. That way, if you ever get ripped off you're liable for seller protection.


In your case, if you have withdrew the money and paypal can't get at it then I'd tell them and him to stick it. This might result min them suspending your account but they won't steal money out your bank I don't think. Depends how much you need your paypal account.


Check out the link below, they will answer any queries you have ...........



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I had a similar problem recently, Royal Mail took ove a month to deliver a pair of car speakers to my buyer. Understandably he was P:cense:d off and lodged an issue for non-receipt. As they were cheap i sent them without recorded delivery and as i only had a Post office slip as proof of postage i suspect they would've found in his favour. Luckily they showed up at the last minute.


In future I will ALWAYS insist that items are sent recorded/insured/etc purely to cover myself. It is the only option offered and if the buyer doesn't like it they can go elsewhere. those are the terms.



In your case I'd ask Paypal to provide the evidence of you agreeing to the refund in full. It's their **** up it seems and they should be held accountable for misleading your buyer.

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Lesson to be learnt from this, - Dont use Paypal.



They get away with so much, as there not registered in the uk and not FSA registered.


If i was you id empty the account and ignore any future correspondence.




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