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Take Me Into Sanity

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Having my doubts if Take Me Into Sanity is the actual name of the track but apparently it was well played in clubs in 1995.


Anyone know it or what it could be?


Edit: I think I've found it - Insanity by Oceanic http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1ioOPtH78ls

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Yes that one was correct but any ideas for the following? it really wasn't my era:


Seeing as though you are on a roll ....do you know the names/artists of some other songs I'd like from that era....sorry my explanations will be a tad vague....

1. light my fire - ? (it had words like hey down dicky do dada!! (in Boyzones first tv apperance they are dancing really badly to it!! the clip is always shown)

2. Sunshine after the rain -? (Something to do with blue birds flying over the mountains?!) Think this was alot later than oceanic etc..

3.a la la la long - ?

4. Dont stop moving baby (wiggle wiggle) - ?


Do you know any other cheesy dance tunes around the time of oceanic?




Might need a hotline on the night to phone a friend when she comes up and asks for the track that goes do da do da do da day, you know the one!

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Berri - Sunshine after the rain

Outhere Bros - Don't stop wiggle

Inner Circle - Gonna make you sweat



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Berri - Sunshine after the rain

Outhere Bros - Don't stop wiggle

Inner Circle - Gonna make you sweat


Thanks Gary. I found Go Mental - Sunshine After the Rain but think it is more likely to be the be the one by Berri.


Still struggling with the first one though - light my fire

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Well funny you should mention this....

I did a pub gig on saturday and the bar staff said they usually had some propper party cheese and some retro dance/club tunes.......

Well I think that Oceanic falls into the retro dance tunes......and so do these which were roughly from the same era of 90's I think, and they all went down well on saturday.


Strike - You Sure Do

N Trance - Set you free

Snap - Rhythm is a dancer

QFX - Freedom

DJ Sammy - Heaven

Black Box - Ride on Time

Felix - Dont you want me

Urban Cookie Collective - The Key the secret

Bucketheads - The Bomb

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar

Ultra Nate - Free

Reel 2 Reel - I like to move it

The Shamen - Ebenezer Good

De'Lacy - Hideaway

DJ Jean - The Launch

JX - Son of a gun

2 Unlimited - Get Ready for this

Boomfunk Mcs - Freestyler


Not necesarily in that order......Im just brainsrorming the tunes which got a good reaction on saturday.





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Thanks Guys, you have saved me loads of time researching :thanks:


Still stuck for the elusive Light My Fire track though. This is the Boyzone video and the track starts at about 1:49. I don't recognise it listening to it and the audience keep laughing over the lyrics.



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This thread takes me back to my teens. Thank you so much! I love all these tracks!!

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