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So far this year since April 6th I've spent £275.39


That's more than I planned, but after my few years off I've been able to identify a few gaps which I really need to fill in, in view of the type of gigs I get asked to do.


Once I'm happy with the music, I'll be looking at the lighting again...

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I get the odd CD and have a ProDisc subscription (£15/month), so about £30 to £40/month.

Depending on the gig, I may have to get a few tracks to meet a playlist (I normally only do this if its stuff I'll play again - or I like it!)


These would be downloads via 7Digital/Amazon so only a few quid.





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last 12 months £540.85 to date

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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