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I actually did a short commercial drum n bass set recently, Brown Paper Bag is an excellent idea, along the same lines as Adam F - Circles (great crossover appeal).


The Lighter - Sound of the Future

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares

Urban Shakedown - Some Justice

Shy FX & T - Power - Don't Wanna Know / Shake Ur Body

DJ Marky & XRS - LK


Mind is quite blank today actually, one of those things as you rummage through the stuff you find you can play a few hours worth, but its hard to name in the office :)


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Pendulum are the current commercial favourites so maybe you can drop Slam or Another Planet near the end, i'm sure they wont mind hearing a new "classic"


Shy FX had a hit single with Move your Body couple of years ago, not a bad tune (or should that be BAAD CHOON!)


Drum & Bass Arena Website


You could also search for "jungle" which is what it was also called back all those years ago


Hope this helps....oh and if you're gonna have a go at beat mixing these tunes, mix on the snare not the kick drum, its easier.



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On visiting a customer last night they have requested an hours set of Commercial Drum and Bass - Mid 90's to 98. Had a little look through cd's last night and now taking a look online. Any pointers to some classics.


Deep Blue - Helicopter Tune

Uk Apache Shy FX - Original Nutter.



Thanks ... Dave

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