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What Is The Difference Between Fog & Haze?

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Fog is more dense, and more like a smoky room, their is also an almost definate chance that you will set off any smoke detectors in the building, and these are often connected by direct alarm to the fire service, so if you set one off then trumpton will turn up, and you could find yourself with a hefty charge for calling out the fire service.


Haze is meant to be less visable to the naked eye, so you can barely even see it......but its enough to still show up the beams of light from your lighting effects.

Haze is also less likely to set off smoke alarms in venues.......but many venues dont allow smoke or haze machines, so I dont even bother taking mine out anymore unless the customer has asked for it and its been checked with the venue that its ok.



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Fog = Thick


Haze = Thin/wispy


Both = can set of venue smoke sensors especially if they're the optical sensing type, rather than the ionisation chamber sensing type.


Both = will muck up an evening if there's a mystery tour of the evacuation routes, and the prodiigy-like sounds of the venues fire alarm going off.


Neither = anywhere near as popular with venues, customers or then DJ's as they were say, 10 year+ ago.

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It's worth bearing in mind that the cheaper hazers are just smoke machines on low output with a fan fitted. The fluid is the same. You can buy a fan to disperse your smoke machine output more which will have the same effect as a hazer.


If you want a proper hazer (and they are good) then look to spend £500+

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