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What Deck Stand Do You Use?

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I was wondering what you use to stand your laptop/CD players/decks on.


I'm using a keyboard stand with black MDF on the top, with a black curtain going round, but i'm looking to get something a bit sturdier.


So what do you use?




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I'm sure a bit of searching on here will lead you to Ultimax Stands and this is what I use.


They start from about £99 for a small stand with overhead bar upto about £500 for a wheel and winch all singing stand, so you can price to suit your budget and requirements.


They are extremely sturdy!!


But i'll tell you the best thing. You can get spares and accessories for them for pretty much anything you want to do.


I have the 1.2m Trusslite stand. I have added a Deck shelf for the lower level. A multi-shelf to put my laptop on. I changed the Trusslite too so I can setup in narrower spaces or with less kit.


For hanging lights on the Trusslite you will need ultimax 1" g-clamps to fit the Trusslite.


websites are www.ultimax1.com and www.ultimate1.co.uk

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Thanks ... Dave

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Various Ultimax stands depending on who's rig or the size of the gig.


(& one Giraffe Ultimax copy, soon to be replaced by a genuine Ultimax as Giraffe stands don't last as long & are pants)

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Hi Ollie,

I was originally thinking of the same, but got a 4ft Giraffe.

I've got some MDF which I'll paint up next weekend, and cut at carrying hole in it.

I'm using some magnetic blocks to hold it in place on the stand.


I've got some thick cloth coming from ebay, which will be velcoed around to hide the wires and bits.

The Giraffe should be fine for my needs once I get started- but longer term, it won't last.






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Currently got a girarfe stand, its not very sturdy at all.

But these days I only use the bottom part and not the overhead.


When I need to buy another its gonna be ultimax, no question!

You can get the spares, very strong and sturdy lots of different options with them and you can also buy additions to fit on to make your stand more suited to you, I dont think it could get any better than that.



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