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Ipods & Mobile Phone Request?

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I think nearly every Gig Ive done since I started doing Discos in June last year I always get someone who wants you to play a & I quote "Wicked Tune" from either an Ipod or Mobile phone & its always some kind of Hardcore!


I would always say politely that I didn't have the facility to do it (I had if I had wanted to)


However this 1 particular night this 1 guy reckoned he could get the party swinging better than me & was really **** sure of himself so I took the challenge up.


at the time this guy approached me I had around 30 people dancing but he reckoned the place would erupt as soon as he put his Wicked tunes on,alas 10 seconds into the guys music the whole dance floor cleared only to be replaced with 2 lads really going for it to this really Hardcore Tune I never found out what it was called.


I promptly turned his trash off & announced on the microphone " lets hear it for Fat Boy Slim" (referring to the Guy) tongue out icon


I managed to get the party back on track again & got the peeps back onto the dance floor


does anyone else get this type of character & do you let them have their 5 Min's of fame?

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AH! Thank you for posting this thread up, it's reminded me of some info which I wanted to impart to you guys for about 2 weeks now. I'll reply to the topic in hand first though...


If on vinyl or tape or minidisc, I'd simply point out that I no longer carry any equipment to play that back.


On CD or CD-R, I'd vett it first in the headphones - if I didn't think that it was going to go well with the audience, based on what they'd been requesting and dancing to thus far that evening, I'd tell him that.


(Here's the new info, which I mentioned above)...if on hardware, such as an iPod, mobile, or memorystick...most definately not. I've heard of a case recently where a DJ was asked to play a certain two tracks off of a fairly expensive mp3 player. The DJ connected the device, recognised the track in question, and played it from his own collection, disconnecting the mp3 player. Later, the owner of the player stated that the DJ had broken the device and wanted the Dj to pay for a replacement.


Was the player broken by the DJ? Was the mp3 player in fact, broken? Was the mp3 player that was brandished around later as "broken", the same one that was used by the DJ earlier?.... call in Sherlock Holmes...


Could happen to any one of us.


If someone presents me with a shop bought CD for us to play, the moment we touch it, and go to open the case, we're politely, (if not legally etc,etc,etc,etc) sort of taking responsibility for it (in a way...). And, we're sort of holding something like £3 to £15 worth of that persons property...IF i drop it, if I accidently step on it, or break it... I'm (sort of) OK with sticking my hand in my pocket and offering to square it all up, in the interests of not spoiling someone elses occasion - if it was my fault/accident.


Taking responsibility with someones elses £100-£200++ bit'o'kit and having to surrender that sort of cash...no thanks. Also be warey of the bloke with the "is it ok if I leave my camera, here behind your speaker?" or the girl with the "Will you watch me 'andbag if I leave it under 'ere?"





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You make some good points Gary. Recently I did a Greek wedding where they provided their music on an Ipod. I connected it up but left the Ipod for them to operate from the front of my rig mainly because everyone knows their own sytem & where to find tracks - (another topic entirely).


Another thing I do regularly is provide music for Irish dancers at weddings. They normally turn up with a minidisc & player but I always offer to put it through my system for them. As I use a 'player only' the chances of wiping their disc are minimal (something I've never considered) but the benefits of accomodating them far outweigh the risks.


If someone comes to me with a CD (quite rare) then I have a listen and if I think it risky then I'll still give it a go. I would think that it's happened about 5 times and on 4 of those it's bombed but on the 5th occasion it went down really well so I still feel that it's worth the effort - for the other 4 well it did show them they didn't know their music vs guests as well as they think they did and if I hadn't tried it they would never have known :joe:

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correct me if i am wrong,, but would there be a chance of loading a virus from there mp3 player or ipod straight on to your laptop..


or is this not possible.

two old codgers who at our age should know better.(G7AJG)

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Absolutely possible, by loading an unknown CDR or device into your PC you are open to the elements. We saw this happen at a SEDA Show Night a few years ago - DJ A said 'here play this, DJ B's machine went down and had to be rebuilt. Too high a risk IMO for a mission critical function, I think all you PC DJ's are very brave people. I believe that the risk is tiny or non existent if you do this to DJ hardware, as the virus would have to be specifically targetted to that device, and I think this is probably a non-starter in the first place.


Gary, thanks for the info, something I had not thought about. I played a track off a client's ipod once, went down very well, but I have not been asked more than a couple of times to play something off ipods...

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Piracy ! If its been illegally downloaded then you are condoning that by playing it. I never play anything a guest/punter brings with them unless its on a normal cd bought from a retailer. I certainly dont plug other peoples appliances into my gear either.

I will try anything,once!


The Cornish will arise again !

Manager of the Andy Harris Fan Club.

Keep pasties Cornish

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I won't use anything a punter brings on the night.

If it is a do where the customer want something playing through my gear they need to request it before the gig.

They then get a separate contract that holds them responsible for any damage to my gear, that they have the authority to play the music and finally they take all responsibility for their gear.

I have only had 1 gig where they agreed to it.


I won't let anybody behind any of my gear, the only things the punters can touch are the karaoke mics (I still have the mute option too :joe: ).



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defo food for thought there guys thank you


I think I will resist the temptation to let some punters make a T*t of themselves in future & also thats a great point made about the 'girl' who always wants you to look after her bag!

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Ive never been approached on the night to play from an ipodge but have been asked in the booking stages to make arrangements for minidisc/TAPE! usual stuff



I have to admit though i wont normally use anything like someone elses ipodge or anything for the same reasons Gary has stated.



Each to there own









I know its Ipod - not Ipodge

(Personal Joke)

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