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9.30 Pm - Kids Not Welcome!

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Took the good lady out last night (last Saturday off until end of July now) - she ain't very happy!!!

Went to one of these Pub/Restaurants, we went with friends, took the kids as they have the scaffolding there with the balls and a couple of slides. Went into the restaurant part at 9pm, only to be told sorry now children allowed after 9.30 pm!


I know pubs this is the case but since when as this been the case with Restaurants, i would not mind but the smoking has lost customers and now you cannot take the kids out with you for a meal - what will it be next, you'r ekids cannot eat their dinner with you at home - how stupid is this?


As anyone else encountered this problem?

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Not being funny but those Pub/Restaurants type places around where i live i wouldn't take my kids in 99% of the time and certainly not after 7.00pm as unfortunately The drunk rowdy chav parents who have been in all afternoon with little mckenzie and chantelle running around like mini terrorists are now so bladdered they can hardly hide the fact that they are sniffing coke in the toilets while the kids run about kicking the fruit machines and trying to climb up the stools at the bar.


I would love to go to a good Pub/Restaurants where responsible parents go with well mannered polite children but the element above ruin it for the rest of us so much so that some Pub/Restaurants have brought in such time restrictions.

my son who is at uni works part time in one such establishment and he deals with this type of person every day he works.

he has saved little kids from falling down stairs or over balconies because the parents are too busy getting bladdered to look after there children.

They often buy one meal with chips and share the chips out to the little tykes , try to bring in cordial from home for the kids(we are not talking babies 5-12 year olds) to drink and the mums often try to sneak in bottles of vodka to mix with the cans of coke while dad or at least dad for that week gets bladdered on Carling or wkd's


I know its a sweeping stereotype generalisation of how some people behave but its what influences the no kids after x time rules.


sad world we now live in :(

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