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Hi there, anyone got any thoughts on the topic? Me and my mate sometimes work as a duo, taking turns as it can be a laugh, bit of company etc.


The pros of it are that we are different characters, he is great on the mic and a show off (in a good way). I am better at the boring stuff like maintaining equipment and getting us to the venue on time! So we complement each other (maybe we should get married).


The cons are obviously the money is split 2 ways!


We are both competent and experienced and have done loads of gigs solo. I suppose the question is can it be commercially viable to team up, I don't mean like having a roadie who you can pay £20, the money would be split down the middle.

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Carol & I are a duo.


She DJs alongside off me at shows. She usually does the early shift as she does very good background and "feeling the way" tracks. Then I take over for the main event with her putting in suggestions and making up sets to go with requests. She also takes over for short periods especially for certain genres, gets drinks etc, takes requests and searches them for me.


But I suppose it's a bit different in your case, seeing as you aren't married. tongue out icon

You want me to play what?


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I'll probably do gigs with Carmen, probably doing the same thing as Robbie and Carol.


I guess when you're working with mates, issues will come up;

-What if either of you are sick, and cant make the night (obviously the show goes on, but the sick one won't get paid)

-What if during that night, some equipment is damaged/stolen?

-If you're pooling money together for better kit, what happens if you need to part company on the venture? (but still try to remain mates?)

-If you're forming a new "name", who gets to keep it if you split? (both agree not to use it)


Obviously, the roadie scenario is fairly easy to deal with, but equal partners can be tricky. It may sound petty, but I'd draw up some rules before you go too far down the line..


Just my thoughts, but just with other businesses, its important to get these things agreed up front.


On the positive side, its does sound like you complement each other, and it should be a really good thing - there were 2 DJ's (similar to your set-up) at my wedding and one was out chatting, gathering requests and getting people up, and the other twiddling knobs and concentrating on the music.



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I run my disco with someone else, its handy having two loading and unloading, i do the sound side and Andi does the lighting, we work well together as he does excellent disco set and dance set, i do the cheese and the mic work and the laptop if needed, we work on a 2/3rd 1/3rd payment system, and i pay for new gear and anything that goes wrong and its my van we use,

since the gear is mine Andi has nowt to do with it, but he uses his cd`s as well as mine.




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We work as a duo.


Ant is the one that plays most of music


Im chief organiser, carrier, driver (as im the only one of us that drives aswell) drinks fetcher and request taker


We find it works well and split everything 50/50 especially as im still learning as well


Rich :!:

Richard Cheeseman


RJC Discos


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When i worked in the UK my Mrs always came to the gigs with me, She would help load and unload the van, Get setup and then if i needed a wweeeeee break, she carried on with the music, However she wouldnt do any mic work.


In Greece, Its me myself and i - There are many duo's on the island, But its all about finding that ideal person who you can bounce off (Not literally)



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which greek island are you on then???????


As you may know search engines (particularly Google) rank sites higher if they have other sites linking to them.


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I started out as part of a duo. When it worked well it was great, but when it didn't it was disastrous. I wouldn't go back to it.

I'm a DJ based in Northern Ireland with nearly 10 years' experience offering a range of services. Including club residencies, karaoke, pub quizzes, specialised wedding service, Master of Ceremonies, Compere, Night at the Races and much more.




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my better half is a karaoke mc so we work together when the client wants karaoke

as i don't like the karaoke side of the business

its usually a good laugh and handy with the set up and break down

but to be honest i prefer to work myself at the unit



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