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Well it's that time again and another new member to DJU has decided to take up the challenge ...


1. What is your DJU Forum Alias?



2. What is your Real Name, Age, Location & Marital Status?


Andy, 23, Huddersfield, Girlfriend


3. What is the Name of your Disco?


Hey You! Yeh You!


4. How long have you been a DJ?


8 years on and off


5. What inspired you to become a DJ?


Dads company retails/installs/services DJ & PA gear amongst other things.


6. Are you a Full/Part Time DJ? If part time what else do you do?


Part time, Sparky by trade, but i work for the company, retailing, installing and servicing all types of AV solutions (DJ, PA, CCTV, etc)


7. What is your favourite type of function now? (eg: Wedding, 18th Birthday party, etc)

weddings - its where the money is at


8. What’s the worst/most embarrassing thing you've done in front of an audience?


Flying low at a hen party for 300 women - doh !


9. If you could go back to the beginning of your DJ career is there anything that you'd do differently? (eg: The gear that you bought, the way you promoted/advertised yourself)


Id have practised more and promoted myself better - id have loved to be a full time club DJ - i deal with some lads who do 3 gigs a week and are netting £600 + and one lad ive dealth with for years is now an ibiza resident on £2500 a week!!!!


10. What do you feel you offer the public that convinces them to book you rather than "the next guy/girl"?


My know how when it comes to sound and lighting config - it sounds well and looks nice...its noticable without being in your face. i try to be punctual and well presented...just generally setting a good impression.



11. Have you ever bought something for your show that you wish you hadn't? and why?

Not really no. im fortunate enough to have access to thousands of different sound and lighting options - so i get chance to have a go with something before i decide to buy it.


12. What's your next DJ purchase likely to be?

well ive moved with the times and i dj through a midi controller now and a few months ago i had a play on Numarks NS7 midi controller - its :cense: hot !!! and it doesnt cost almost £900 at trade price either :)


13. If you could get someone to invent a new piece of disco equipment for your show, what would it be?

hmmm not sure - this is a good question. id have to say some sort of automatic rectification device for the times when one has a memory laps and makes a mistake - c'mon we all make mistakes!


14. What was the worst equipment failure suffered during a gig?

my light show went down. yes all of it. As a bit of a techie i was at a wits end as to what had caused it - could i find a fault? could i chuff...turned out that the breaker in their board had been switched off because somebody ''thought it wasnt being used tonight'' and the bar manager had just told me that ALL breakers were still on....not my fault, but try telling that to the bride and groom!


15. What do you think is the best thing about DJing?

do you want me to be honest here? its easy money!


16. What do you think is the worst thing about DJing?

running the risk of not knowing the people you are playing for...and when it comes to switch off time you get an influx of 50 drunken fools demanding you play on! hence why im picky as to who i gig for.


17. What would make you stop DJing (if anything)?

if it became not financially worth it anymore


18. How do you think DJing will change, in the next 5 years?

i dont think it will change much. midi controllers and computer aids are already here, and if you can operate you gear, they make it impossible to make an error - in theory you should be able to do a basic mix all night without dropping a beat. Take numarks total control for example - it will auto mix for you so essentially you dont even need to be there!


19. Most stupid thing anyone's ever said to you at a gig?

'' its nothing to do with dave pearce being in the dj booth, i just love mixing '' - some bloke ''wanted a go on the decks''


20. Best advice you were ever given by a fellow DJ?

That creative confidence fuels the atmosphere


21. And worst advice you were ever given?

Lower your rate, you'll get more business. needless to say i didnt lower my rate and still kept busy...


22. How do you keep up to date with music? (eg Promo monthly CDs, Downloads, Purchase from retailer)

i dont make an effort to, Being 'in the trade' as such helps, because as soon as a new bit of kit comes out, im inundated with flyers and point of sale stuff. plus all the DJs who i deal with always have a mix tape of whats new, whats hot and whats not.


23. Name 3 songs that 95% of the time will fill the dance floor for you!

at a private function: Cher - its in his kiss...Arrow - Hot hot hot...Robbie williams - angels

in a club: Public domain - operation blade...Sandy B - world go round... Evoke - arms of loren


24. One piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting out.

Move with the times and buy decent gear. there's a lot of rubbish knocking about - you get what you pay for.


25. What medium format do you mainly use eg vinyl, CD, hard-drive?

Hard Drive. I learnt to DJ properly, and if you give me a set of 1210s and box full of plastic i'll still be able to do the job, but unfortunately, times ahve changed and its just not cost effective to stick with the old methods, so its HDD for me.


26. Have you embraced/adapted any ideas that you've read about on DJU - if so what?

not yet - im brand new to the forum, but i might, im always willing to help and offer ideas and advice to others and id like to think people would return the favor.



27. What is your best gig ever and your worst?

Worst: some 16th, it was a friends & family mixed party, it was lifeless. The kids were out back drinking cider all night and the oldies were gone by midnight. a real let down


Best: Creation nightclub in leeds, about 3 years ago, i did the warm up before dave pearce' show went out live on radio 1.



28. Apart from 'Word of Mouth' what is your main (most successful) form of advertising your disco?

through the company - i have a good working relationship with the local bar owners etc


29. Are you a member of a DJ Association / Union?




30. Add any additional comments which you would like to include here...

Think big and think different - give the punters something good to remember you by!



31. How many gigs do you do a year, how many would you like to do?

not many now 1 a month maybe but if theres a big gig i try and get it. im getting back into it, id love to give up work to do it.


32. What is your average charge for a booking?

£180 - which is quite an expensive average, but club work earns you more, which bumps the average up. if i only did private functions, about £130


33. How many tracks do you have in your music collection?

god knows - last time i had a full count was about 3 years ago and i had just over 10,000


34. Have you ever had someone try to claim off you? (eg: Public Liability Insurance or other such legal action)

yes once. sombody tried to hold me responsible for occuring deafness. they had tinitus and tried to blame me for playing music too loudly at a private gig. Nobody forced them to stay near the speakers/on the dance floor all night, and tinitus is caused by prolonged exposures to noise about 102db....not 4 hours one night at a party. the matter was settled out of court and i was advised to seek compensation but i never bothered to follow it up - it wasnt worth the hassle!


35. What is your favourite music genre?

i like a wide variety of music, however i am a big dance and house dj


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Good read :Thumbup:




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ouch about the 16th...

thats why i usually stop on the whole at 10 and dont start again till 18... depending on the time of year of course!

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