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Virtual Dj V5 Database To Csv Converter

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Trying to a get a decent list of my tracks, I've coded a tool to decode the XML database of Virtual DJ v5, into a csv file.




I'm not sure who else uses VDJ5 here, but I guess there are a few.

The code is basically a fairly simple batch file, which uses a 3rd party XML to CSV converter.

My code tidies up the CSV to fix a few problems from the ripping/ID3 process (incorrect titles/artist in compilations).



What can you use this for?


Import the file into Open Office/MS Excel or even a Database. You can load it into Google Docs, and will then be able to quickly(ish) check what tracks you've got from a web browser.


I've found that djintelligence.com will accept track listings via CSV.


You can also be amazed about how many duplicates you've got :rolleyes:




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I dont use virtual DJ but, I'd like to thank you for:




A: Taking the time to create your solution








B. Sharing it with other members of DJU. With over 5000 registered members now, there must be some DJU members who are Virtual DJ users, and will find you solution of benefit to themselves.









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