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Hi all,


Last year I borrowed a pair of Peavey hisys 2 RX speakers




I was blown away by how loud they were and by how clear they were at high volume.


These seem to be quite hard to track down though, I take it they are no longer in production? Are there other models that sound on par or better to the Hisys 2 RX in the same price bracket?

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They repplaced them with the Impulse series - but the Impulse are not a match for them, filled with little Japanese components i am led to believe.


THey now have the new speakers that are loaded with the 15inch Scorpion Driver and they are imported direct from the USA and they are absolutely awesome - check out the Peavey website or pop along to you're nearest Peavey dealer - trust me the Scorpions sound beautiful.





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thanks for that i'll check them out


I've been told that Messenger UL15 are perhaps using the same driver and components but in a different case?



That sounds more likely.


The Impulse series are not directly comparable since they're made of ABS whereas the others are wood based ( might be MDF, chipboard or plywood I'm not sure ) and carpet covered.


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I love peavey I have a 16k peavey rig and it sounds awsome.Pitty theres not more large venues where i can use it or people willing to pay the going rate :( to hire it

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