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Well both devices - Laptop and MP3 controller - achieve the same desired result. Yes I accept that they're many things you can do on a laptop but the same can be said for the controllers. I opted for my D2 purely becuase a) a cannot afford 2 DECENT laptops and b) it's nice to have everything in one case.


My D2 has skiped or paused up at times - due to opening a corrupt WAV file and for browsing through files without building the library. Luckily this was only when I was learning to use it in my house and both occasions were my fault. I agree that dedicated kit should not be prone to failiure like this BUT it is us - the consumer - that are real testers. It's only when these products get released in the market that the faults etc get identified.


I'm just glad that manufacturers such as Numark are keen to iron out the bugs with their firmware releases. But I do accept that they seem to choose to ignore other issues - such as the ones identified and posted on the their forums. But mind you, some of the problems do seem to be down to ignorance or a lack of detail in the reference manuals from Numark - their manuals are suprisingly light on information!

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This is a fairly old post, relatively speaking, although the off-topic parts about avatars etc kept it bumped for a while.


With regards to the firmware (Version 1300) originally mentioned in the topic/thread title, it's no longer the current firmware. Users who are keen to have the latest firmware on their units may want to download version 1400 which is now available.


As general advice, almost all, if not in fact "all" the hard drive controllers such as the Cortex1000/3000/5000, the Denon 2500/5500/1200, the Numark D2 (and others) have had several firmware updates released for them since those units first became available.


If anyone is having any remaining concerns with their chosen make/model, it would be well worth their while checking their manufacturers websites to check what the latest firmware version numbers are, compared to what version of firmware each user has in their chosen Hard Drive Controller. There's usually a mixture of fixes, enhancements and brand new features in all the manufacturers firmware updates.

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