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Telephone Enquiry Card And Booking Forms

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Hello everybody.


I am putting together a few bits to try and make my new venture more professional.


I am making things like booking forms, T+C's, telephone enquiry scripts etc.


Does anybody have any examples of Booking forms and telephone enquiry scripts which they could post for new DJ's like me to use as inspiration?


The telephone enquiry script (or at least questions to ask each enquiry) is of particular importance as I am going to start advertising this week with a view to performing my first gig in November/December time.


Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.





P.s - I am thinking the following set of questions might be OK?


Enquirers Name


Phone number

Date of event

Occasion (18th, retirement etc)


How many people expected to attend

enquirers budget

Type of music required

any special requests






What do you think?

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As above but I don't ask what their budget is.


Also ask:


Start and finish times

if the venue has stairs

any other acts (band, tribute act etc)

If its a theme party (strange how many turn out to be fancy dress but the client doesn't mention it)

Age range of guests (e.g. an 18th - is it mainly same age group or mixed family)


First question I ask is the date as theres no point in going any further if I'm already booked.


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I think Who, When, Where, What are the 4 initial questions that you need to ask. From the answers to the last 3 you can determine if you are able to do the gig.




As Tony says the When will determine if you are even available, the Where will tell you if it's in your area and the What will allow you to decide if it matches what you can provide.




If it's 3 yes's from you then you can start to talk to them about their function in more detail. Ask them what their requirements are, what plans they have made already - genuinely take an interest in what they are planning and offer advice, tips, ideas.




Personally things like their address etc are only asked for towards the end of the conversation - they are not needed at the start.



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After establishing wheather im free I ask what the party is for, age etc.

I have to do this due to advertising in childrens entertainers and I don't start working with kids till the age of 4

GDK Entertainments

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Brides dress size



.....but what do I know ?




Your Big Event

Office:01803 813540

Direct: 0797 0717 448


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This will come with experience.


Bet you the first question will be "How much do you charge for your disco...." especially if your advertising in Yellow Pages or newspapers, both of which I find a total waste of time personally.

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Bet you the first question will be "How much do you charge for your disco...."




Either that or 'Are you available for (date)'. But both valid questions, besides they don't at this point know what else to ask. It's up to us to steer the conversation so that by the end of it they get a full picture of what we can do for them.



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I don't think you need to ask about the number of people expected - the venue will give you an indication of the gear required, and you then need to hope the client fills it with guests!


For initial telephone/e-mail enquiries I ask the following:

Date of event.


Type of event


Enquirer's name

Phone number


I also record the date of the enquiry.


I can then usually give a price, and if they decide to proceed I tell them about the extra hour required before/after the event.

I ask specific details depending on the type of event - first dance, name of birthday girl/boy etc.

I ask about buffets and the timings of this, and whether background music is required.

I ask about music preferences, and if they indicate they may have some I send along a form on which to list their favourites.


Finally I ask them where they found out about my company.

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