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Interview With Djshyboyuk

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1. What is your DJU Forum Alias? DJshyboyuk


2. What is your Real Name, Age, Location & Marital Status? Andy, old git (37) clapped out Clacton on sea, Married


3. What is the Name of your Disco? BPMDISCOS


4. How long have you been a DJ? 21 years and counting


5. What inspired you to become a DJ? Pirate radio and bad parties


6. Are you a Full/Part Time DJ? If part time what else do you do? Part time I run my own telecoms comp supply numbers


7. What is your favourite type of function now? (eg: Wedding, 18th Birthday party, etc) weddings I am top at them love them


8. What's the worst/most embarrassing thing you've done in front of an audience? not telling you


9. If you could go back to the beginning of your DJ career is there anything that you'd do differently? (eg: The gear that you bought, the way you promoted/advertised yourself) I would have worn ear plugs more as it's making me deaf


10. What do you feel you offer the public that convinces them to book you rather than "the next guy/girl"? I dont talk all the time. I let the music do that / it's word of mouth


11. Have you ever bought something for your show that you wish you hadn't, and why? yep the wife dont have to pay her


12. What's your next DJ purchase likely to be? cortex 1000 and more LED's


13. If you could get someone to invent a new piece of disco equipment for yourshow, what would it be? A new nephew as I have worn this one out carrying my gear


14. What was the worst equipment failure suffered during a gig? Have not had one yet thanks though now you say that I will


15. What do you think is the best thing about DJing? watching the crowd enjoy themselves


16. What do you think is the worst thing about DJing? people that think they know the music better than you to get the crowd going and a long day


17. What would make you stop DJing (if anything)? going deaf


18. How do you think DJing will change, in the next 5 years? LEDs me hopes


19. Most stupid thing anyone's ever said to you at a gig? setting up and playing music then being asked if I am the dj mmmmmmm


20. Best advice you were ever given by a fellow DJ? back time (radio ) in djing got none


21. And worst advice you were ever given? I should play the DR Who theme at the beginning yeah (not surprisingly he no longer djs)


22. How do you keep up to date with music? (eg Promo monthly CDs, Downloads, Purchase from retailer) mounthly cd's and down loads (legal of course )


23. Name 3 songs that 95% of the time will fill the dance floor for you! dancing queen ymca i will survive


24. One piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting out. go on to forums and talk and dont buy on a whim start small and dont think you know it all


25. What medium format do you mainly use eg vinyl, CD, hard-drive? cd at the moment


26. Have you embraced/adapted any ideas that you've read about on DJU - if so what? have not been on here long enough


27. What is your best gig ever and your worst? best. Imperial college London 200 student was supposed to stop at 12 and when we did thay would not stop chanting until we started again and ended going on till 3. Worst was a private kids after school club wanted karaoke nicked some of me cd's and insulted me and the wife hence that stopped me doing kids parties


28. Apart from 'Word of Mouth' what is your main (most successful) form of advertising your disco? web site ( will be up dated soon )


29. Are you a member of a DJ Association / Union? nope do i have to be


30. How many gigs do you do a year, how many would you like to do? 30 a year


31. What is your average charge for a booking? £150 up As you can see I am not in it for the money


32. How many tracks do you have in your music collection? gave up counting in 1990 but you are welcome to come around and count them coffee tea and cake to the bravest


33. Have you ever had someone try to claim off you? (eg: Public Liability Insurance or other such legal action) no


34. What is your favourite music genre? 1980 and noughties




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And neither will I, although I'd be interested to know roughly how many tracks you take to a gig with you.

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would love to count your collection, i bet you have some classics in there

Big B's Mobile Disco


Crystal Wedding Fayres




08445 040 841(option 2)


07547 686920


<a href="http://www.bigbdisco.co.uk" target=""><img src="http://www.designrite.co.uk/big_b.gif" border="0"><br/></a>


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