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Advice Needed Please

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Hi all


A little advice please, i purchased a brand new Kam Kobrascan from Ebay last week - it was from a DJ Store on there. I received the light Friday, went to use it Saturday and only 1 of the 2 heads was working, i paid by Paypal and emailed the company yesterday and have not received a reply from them.


So i just wanted a little advice please on how to go around this situation.


Many thanks



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Does the seller not list the returns policy, i would imagine they would have one if they are a DJ shop seller on there.


Have a look on the item listing for the returns policy & have a look under their member page for a returns policy.


I would give them 2-3 days to respond to email sent (they may receive large numbers if they are a big seller) and then after this, start a dispute through ebay

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If you don't get any joy from emails then try the direct approach - telephone them.


If you don't get any joy from this either, or they make excuses then send a recorded delivery letter to their head office, stating the issues that you've been having and that as the product was supplied D-O-A then you are entitled to replacement or a refund. Give them 5 days to contact you to arrange the return or refund your money.


More often than not you will be liable for the cost of repacking and sending the goods back, so don't be surprised if thats what they expect. its not fair, but they are perfectly entitled to expect that as most warranties are 'return to base' rather than 'on site'. Use one of the online parcel services like Interparcel and always ask the carrier for proof of collection and also send it via a service which requires a signature and has tracking.


If they continue ignoring your returns request then file a complaint with Ebay, and also file a chargeback with your credit card issuer, as most card companies have insurance for online transactions. Also write a complaint to the trading standards agency closest to the company whom you have purchased from.

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From what i experienced earlier this year - Paypal seem to be very good with supporting the "Buyer" if there is a dispute in place - They make the sellers ebay trading life Hell!! They freeze their paypal account and the process lasts quite a long time (however i think they also freeze the buyers account as well, so be prepared).


Things maybe different because they are an ebay shop, but id don't think so.



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Which Dj store was it? If you name it someone who lives local to it may be able to advise if its still there etc or even pop in for you...



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