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Radio Mic Trouble

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I brought a second hand in brilliant condition Audio-Technica UHF- Professional True Diversity Wireless system (series 1400 vocal) this week - went to use it last night and it sounded tinny - i can see on the back there is a squelch screw i think!!!!!! will this get rid of the tinny noise if i move it around or is it a normal thing with these mics?


Help would be very much appreciated.







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The squelch control is there to 'mute' or switch off the output from the base to your mixer if the radio signal is lost. It stops a nasty 'hiss' from being broadcast to everyone if you wander out of range or turn off the handheld by mistake. If it's set too high, it'll mute your voice as well, if it's too low, it wont mute the hiss when you're out of range.


It shouldn't have anything to do with it sounding tinny, maybe its just faulty!



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Try EQ'ing it !

.....but what do I know ?




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From what you say I wonder if the voice coil in the mic head has been damaged. Some of the old sure unidine mics had problems if ever droped they used to go very muddy sounding.


As suggested above did you have a play with the EQ. I would guess you did lol...



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