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Proel Speakers - Any Good?

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They make good speaker...........stands.

.....but what do I know ?




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im saving for some of ED Bray's speakers.




Me too, though I think I am going to go for the ART722a which is just becoming available. Replacement for the 522a. Size, Power and Bass Driver size compromise, plus 300 quid cheaper than the 525a/725a. Not sure whether the 15" models would fit in my car, plus I would have to get new speaker bags which further adds to the cost.



Thanks ... Dave

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they are a great pair of speakers, my wife used them for singing

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Thanks folks, I didn't buy them in the end. They sold for £410 on ebay. Too much of an unknown quantity to gamble, the guy didn't know how old they were either.


I noticed that Thomann have got SRM450's refurbished at £307, 12 month guarantee.

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dave, id be reluctant to touch refurb srm 450's


i was wondering where all the blown ones ended up


in our shop alone we probably sent back ten pairs of them to Belgium for new replacements. The fault was the same (and the reason they bought out the MK2) the amp would make the bass fart constantly. It happened because the amp wasnt up to people putting heavy bass through them (basically the DK's who knocked the back side out of them)


although a great price, these are likely to have had a hard life before failing.


you can buy 100% brand new MK1's for 699 on ebay

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