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So the local hotel call you and say they are unhappy with their DJ and would like you to take over.


The old DJ charges £150 per night, your usual price is £180.


Do you reduce your price to match the other DJ, as you know this is a deal closer ?



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.....but what do I know ?




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Depends on how many bookings there is. If it was a one-off and there was no definite offer of regular work on the table then it would be the single £180 fee. Talk is cheap and I've been spun this yarn and had the dangling carrot routine played out before, with promises of lots of work to follow, only to find that the offer was essentially b/s and they just wanted somebody external to cover one / two bookings for their residents illness / holiday.


The offer a price reduction would be negotiable for a local-ish venue depending on the level of work offered but any agreed discount off the usual price on per gig basis would only be actioned upon receipt of a signed contract or statement of intent. Moral of the story - trust your instincts before you trust ANYONE. Fair exchange in business is no robbery, and loyalty works both ways.

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I set my prices for a reason, and don't drop to match another quote.

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If they were unhappy with the other DJ then its the perfect justification for paying more to get you, so no, I wouldn't budge.

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