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Do You Take Your Own Drinks Into A Venue?

Do you take your own drinks into a venue?  

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I always take several bottles of water (small ones with the anti spill spout) that are less likely to cause any spillage over electrical equipment if they get knocked over (usually keep them on the floor in a bag anyway).


Never had a problem with a venue over it.



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Always take two or three 2 litre bottles of diet coke, never had a problem.

I often buy a pint of lager when setting up, then use the glass.

The thing is I'm an insulin dependant diabetic and with the amount that I drink it could cause serious problems if somebody behind the bar gave me regular coke instead of diet.



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Me................buy a drink



What do you think ?

.....but what do I know ?




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The reason I 'topic' is that I was lectured at a venue not so long ago about drinks not permitted to be brought onto the venue premises. Personally, I don't, but it was interesting to learn that even the entertainment can be ejected if they break the house rules...


Here are a fraction of sites (there's too many!) with T&Cs regarding bringing drinks onto premises:


Hirers are not permitted to bring any food or drink onto the premises....In exceptional circumstances this may be waived by prior agreement


You may NOT bring any other drink onto the premises. All drink must be purchased from the Bar.


We are fully licensed premises therefore any persons being individuals or part of a group / party bringing into the premises or consuming any food or drink on the premises not having purchased said items on the premises will be evicted from the premises in the event of a group or party booking this will apply to all members of the group / party. No refunds will be given.


12. The client or guests cannot bring any wines, spirits, beers, non-alcoholic or other beverages, or food (excluding wedding cakes) onto Jersey Farm for consumption on the premises.


This one is interesting as the FAQ below this one might be a good topic in itself!


Can we bring drink onto the boats?

No, we are a licensed premises and do not allow drinks to be brought on board by the hirer or their guests, random searches are made and any Beer, Wine, Spirits or Soft drinks brought on will be confiscated and left on the pier

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Do you think that the majority of those that have these terms and conditions have them to stop the client bringing in drinks that they will be giving to the guests?


A couple of weeks ago I did a wedding at a golf club, I was speaking with the stewardess and she was up in arms as she had found a glass full of neat vodka, which had obviously not been bought from the bar. She was reading the riot act. I told her that I had brought my own diet coke in, she said that she thought that was fine as I was working and not a guest. She even asked me for some of my cards :).



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i'm either having a few beers in my residency whilst i'm working, some of which i end up paying for, or I buy soft drinks, or drink council pop. One night I had a cup of tea in village hall bash.


Thanks ... Dave

Wired For Sound Discos

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But Dan - all those T&Cs relate to the actions of the guests, client, or hirer, not the performer or entertainment, Unless I mis-read something.


I always take soft drinks for me and my son (roadie) as there is never a guarantee of obtaining them otherwise - not every event has a bar. "Be prepared..."


Of course - if drinks are offered, then I'll gladly accept. :D

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All my venues are fine with me taking water in as its just me breaking the rule and i'm working. It may be different if they found coke or redbull of any quantity as they normally charge top whack for this,


Would some venues expect you to stop mid-set, hush everyone down and announce "I will be back in 10 minutes after I have queued at the bar and taken on adequate refreshments"?



can't remember the last time i got brought a drink, I'm sure it was before my price increased!

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But Dan - all those T&Cs relate to the actions of the guests, client, or hirer, not the performer or entertainment, Unless I mis-read something.


I always take soft drinks for me and my son (roadie) as there is never a guarantee of obtaining them otherwise - not every event has a bar. "Be prepared..."


Of course - if drinks are offered, then I'll gladly accept. :D


Of course, if I'm working in a venue without a licensed bar - not an issue. And if the client wants to buy me a drink, I'll thank them and likely accept.


T&Cs of course can be interpreted all sorts of ways. If T&Cs don't mention entertainer or entertainers - they must all be exempt then, right?! :rolleyes:


I choose not to take drinks into a venue when I'm working because I'm old fashioned, a codger if you like, and have been for 300 years! Something to do with having experience on both sides of the jump and considering it the height of ignorance I guess! LOL! :devil:


I would not really wish to put a gig at risk, let alone tempt being dragged into a potential argument! :lol:

IF, by example, the finger was pointed that I've brought a drink onto the premises, oh - so it's OK for everyone else to do the same, eh?! LOL!

It would create an undesirable issue which would most likely snowball, and why encourage it is my take on the matter.

Choice wise, if I want a drink inside the premises, I can ask for tap water or buy whatever and line them up, without drawing any major attention from the guests or the staff. But that's me! smile icon

Of course there's nothing stopping me keeping a few drinks in the motor and I DO that, especially on the long days / hot and sweltering journey's in the summer. smile icon

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All of these people, expecting a client to play them a fair and reasonable price for their services, yet 'they' will not put a few quid behind the bar to support the venue. How about if a client excercised the same idea, and asked you to provide a discount based on them bringing their own CD's for you to play?


Besides, a lot of people profess to be making big bucks at this game, so how much of a dent will a few soft drinks make?.



"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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Taking a drink along with you the height of ignorance?

On the contrary - I think it is totally acceptable, and expected.


OK, you don't go swigging a can of lager whilst in full view - you'd hide behind the speaker stack for a few seconds and sip the ol' mineral water, yes? It is important to avoid dehydration, and we all know how hot some of these places can get, especially in the Summer, and I for one sweat like a pig.


Incidentally the T&Cs you posted not only didn't mention entertainers, they did specifically mentioned hirers, members of a group or party, clients and guests. :devil:


In the end, if I was asked to not bring drink into the venue, I would of course comply - I don't go out of my way to upset anyone; I'd simply nip out to the van and take a swig of coke or tango (the current 'stock') whilst the roadie kept an eye on things.

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I take bottled water.

I don't normally have a break, and waiting to be served whilst I should be working just isn't possible.

The point about stopping the music to grab a drink is spot on.

If you're on your own, you'll either need to jump the queue or keep hopping back to get another track ready (or good old "auto DJ" for 20mins hehe)


I do normally pay for one or two drinks, just to say "hi" to the bar staff before the guests arrive (if I have time).

However, we are there to work, not to spend money behind the bar - that's the clients job.


I'm happy with tap water, and drinking coke/lemonade all night just isn't healthy. Most places will happily provide a pint of tap water foc.



I doubt a venue would really throw out a DJ because they had brought in bottled water. They could ban them from future events (much harsher!).

This type of rule is to rightly protect the place from guests bringing in Bottles of Vokda etc.

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I doubt that I will be the only one lectured about drinks not permitted to be brought onto a venues premises, but a DJ did.


What is acceptable or considered etiquette in a licensed premises to that of a non-licensed premises maybe down to everyone's 'common sense'...which of course varies, and then some! smile icon


I'm sure there is only a low minority that would be swilling alcohol from a can behind the decks on a licensed premises but I have no doubt whatsoever that 1ltr and even 2ltr bottles (not water) are directly drank from behind the decks without any thought, discretion or consideration of 1) the potential issues that can arise from doing this and 2) the image it portrays! :lol:


And those that are discrete behind the speaker and carry away the evidence and leave a tidy work area - round of applause! smile icon

To do that behind the Bose, well, I'd have to fast for a year! :lol: :bouncy:




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i take my own soft drinks, i DJ for a living and i dont remember any job where you pay £3 for a drink....especially if theres two of us, i guzzle coke and water like nobodies business when im Djing, could easily end up cost upto £30 with 2 of you


Noones ever said anything to me, i generally buy a pint of lager when im setup to relax or get a pint of tap water (before the cues start) that way i have a glass. Then i discreetly fill the glass with coke from below the DJ console

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I also take my own drinks. Usually a bottle of fizz of some kind for the roadie, a bottle of water for me and maybe a couple of red bull or relentless.


2 main reasons


time and effort to try to get to the bar (I have on occassion had to make 3 attempts to get served when on my own)


cost, as has already been mentioned hotel prices for soft drinks are expensive and would add up to a major expense for me, which is avoidable.


That said I always take my own (nice and presentable) plastic glasses, always pour my drinks discretely and keep the bottles out of sight, and take my own rubbish home with me.


I have never been challenged over this, but have on occassion mentioned that I have my own soft drinks for my consumption to the function manager and asked if that is ok and never had a negative response.



Paul Forsyth

The DJ formally known as Vinnie

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If these T&Cs all relate to places (of work for the DJ) where refreshments are on sale, why not extrapolate the premise to other places of work?


Some office-based companies will have drinks machines installed. Some will have staff restaurants.


In neither case are workers compelled to use the in-house facilities, so why should they in an hotel or similar establishment?


What about contractors - electricians say - working on the premises. Should they be barred from, perhaps, bringing in a flask of tea or coffee?

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I take a 1lt bottle of water - normally a posh glass one (but refilled from the tap at home!). I will buy a glass of lemonade or water at the start of the night, then use it for my water after that, unless the venue offers to keep me supplied with water (which many do).


This is due to the fact that working on my own, I don't have the time to wait to be served at the bar.

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I never take my own drinks into a venue. I doubt I would challenged if I did but I just don't think it's appropriate. I'm very lucky in that I get bought a lot of drinks when I'm working. Otherwise I buy them like anyone else. (Althouh I do jump the queue)

I'm a DJ based in Northern Ireland with nearly 10 years' experience offering a range of services. Including club residencies, karaoke, pub quizzes, specialised wedding service, Master of Ceremonies, Compere, Night at the Races and much more.




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