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Just need to check, I have been told by our local council whos building we use if the equipment is less than 1 year old it dosent need testing.


can anyone clarify this


also whats the going rate for PAT tests per Item we have been qouted various amounts from £1.80 per item to £1.40 per item





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I think the council are wrong to imply new gear doesn't need testing. In an ideal world it would be fine (it should be factory tested) - but its normal practice to test all new items before putting them into use.

I'd be surprised if the council allows new kit to be plugged in without being tested first.


Perhaps find out who the council use? They may have an in-house dept. for this.

The prices sound about right, so if the £1.40 per item company is "good" then go with them, or keep calling around.

As this is a community project, perhaps there is a sparky in your community who will be willing to help out.


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Although it isn't a legal requirement, you will find that a lot of hotels and upmarket venues will want to see a PAT certificate before you can play there. I've been asked a few times last year.


I do my testing every year, I use a local company that comes out to my house and does the testing in my garage. I pay £90 + VAT fixed price and this year had about 55 items to be tested.


They then post me the certificate the following week.


Great Hassle Free Service :-)

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Had all my equipment tested by the Council's contractor who was in school for a week - he'd gone and tested everything pretty much (apart from a bulgin -> 4-way IEC standmate type cable !)... Lots of white pricing-type stickers on everything.. Just need to extract the cert(s) out of the school office now i guess :/





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I know this is an old thread but I thought I would add some info to help expel a few of the myths.


The requirement is to ensure equipment is maintained, PAT testing is only one method of doing that. A maintenance regime that is logged and backed up with an adequate asset register or equipment log is also acceptable.


The frequency of PAT testing should be based around a risk assessment and is individual to a business or equipment type. You all know how you treat your own equipment so if you are careful etc. and check your kit before and after you use it, noting down any damage and repairing it, the frequency of any future combined inspections and tests can be as much as 4-5 years, especially for class II equipment. If you feel equipment is particularly susceptible to damage or may be a higher risk item, you should increase the frequency of inspections proportionally. By monitoring damage and repair levels, you will see how your own records will increase or decrease the frequencies of inspections and tests in the future.


It is totally acceptable to use your own pat testing equipment, whether it is a dedicated PAT tester or separate items of test equipment. You don’t have to have it calibrated yearly; you only have to ensure it is still within its parameters. This can be easily done by having specific items of equipment that you use to monitor your test equipment. If one test item’s readings fluctuate, it means the test item may need attention, if none of the test items fluctuate from their known originals, the PAT test equipment is fine and needs no calibration. If all of the test items readings fluctuate significantly, then the PAT tester may need to be re-calibrated or repaired.

Beware, having test equipment “calibrated” generally means you will get a report or the equipment’s accuracy, it doesn’t mean it has been adjusted, this may require further work. It is extremely rare for test equipment to become unserviceable with normal use.


A person competent to carry out PAT testing can be anyone who feels they have the required skills and can carry out the required inspections and tests and log the results accordingly. You may feel the need to do a short course for this or you may be comfortable using other sources of information, you may be trained by someone who can do this type of work. There is no requirement in law for anyone undertaking PAT testing to have a qualification, C&G or otherwise, nor is it a requirement to attend a course before you are allowed to use a PAT tester!


Local authorities are allowed to stipulate that you have PAT testing carried out at specific intervals, as you are performing on their patch or in some cases in their property, if that is there risk assessment. You should always challenge them however. If there answer to you is “because it’s a health and safety requirement” or “its HSE Law” they are incorrect, there is no HSE requirement and the HSE are not likely to back them up. If they state that the frequency is taken from IEE/IET publications, they are also incorrect as the table in the IET document does not state a specific frequency for entertainments purposes, nor does it state specific frequencies for any other area, it merely gives and suggested initial frequencies if a risk assessment and previous history and records are not in place to give a more accurate frequency.


There is no requirement in law to put labels on equipment after it is tested, although it is good practice to do so. A label should not carry a next test due date and any future frequencies should be determined from the equipment register and assessment of damage and risk.


I hope this is useful to you



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