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Classic Mixer - Pioneer Djm-500 Mixer

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This is the mixer top DJs have embraced. Now you can explore a new world of sound by linking effects to the beat with Auto BPM function. With the DJM-500 the DJs got to know how good effects turned out to be once they could be really synced to the auto that was playing at that moment. The DJM-500 and CDJ-500 Series make the perfect system for creating the ultimate in club and house party music.


Auto BPM Counter

Let the digital readout confirm what you already know by ear. The beat per minute counter measures the BPM of virtually all kinds of dance music enabling you to check the tempo at a glance.

Linking widely differing types of music is easier than ever with the Auto BPM system enables automatic synchronization between the beat count and your desired effect. Producing new sounds and effects is easy with the DJM-500.


Digital Effects


Offering the industrie first BPM linked DJ Effect section. Now it is possible to set the speed of the effects accoording the speed of the audio that is beeing played. This opens up a brand new bag of tricks.


1. Delay

A single repeat of 1/2, 3/4 and 1/1 beat, music can be overlaid on a track. For example, with 1/2 beat Delay, 4 beats will be increased to 8, while using the 3/4 beat Delay produces a "leap sound" effect.


2. Echo

Repeatedly overlaying beats of 1/2, 3/4 and 1/1 is simple. Cutting in 1/1 beat Echo can create an intriguing fade to the beat; applying it to the mic lets microphone output to be reproduced repeatedly to the same beat.


3. Auto Pan

The left-right can be changed automatically to the rhythm, as rapidly as you like. Auto Pan can do rhythmic switches which are too quick for human operators.


4. Flanger

Switching to the Flanger effect produces synthesizer tones quickly and easily at 1/2 3/4., 1/1, 2/1, and 4/1 time. The Flanger works particularly well in conjunction with a Seamless loop.

5. Pitch Shifter

The Pitch Shifter corrects changes in pitch, within a range of +1 octave, when using analogue turntable or other vendor's CD players. Used with the mic, the Pitch Shifter can alter voices.


6. Reverb

A variety of reverberation effects are available.


7. Send/Return

Your samplers and peripherals are easily connected to the DJM-500 and Auto BPM Counter.



Effect On/Off

With one touch of the Effect On/Off button, effects are linked to the Auto BPM.


Beat Indicator

The Indicator lamps tell you when the beat you want is linked to the Auto BPM.


EQ for Each Channel

The DJM 500 features 3 band independent EQ for each channel, fixing you simple correction, emphasis, or even elimination, of different sound characteristics.


Peak Level Meter for Each Channel

The DJM-500 features 3 band independent EQ for each channel, giving you simple correction, emphasis, or even elimination, of different sound characteristics. A Great Match for the CDJ-500 series.


Fader Start Play

Connecting the DJM-500 to the CDJ-500 Series enables you to take advantage of the Fader Start Play. By increasing the Fader on the mixer the player automatically overrides the pause control and starts the music immediately Fader Start Play. By increasing the fader on the mixer the player automatically overrides the pause control and starts the music immediately. Fader Start Play also works during Cross Fading…an industry first that brings out the best in sampler-style music.


Fader Back Cue Play

When the DJM-500 is used with the CDJ-500S or any other CDJ or CMX product, the Fader or Cross Fader controls can also return you automatically to a designated cue point.



The DJM-500 has the same dimensions as the CDJ-500II Series, making it the perfect and stylish partner for these CD turntables. The depth of the DJM is also equal to the tdepth of an analoge truntable. Only the highest-quality parts go into the DJM-500. But if the unthinkable happens, the Cross-Fader can easily be removed and quickly replaced.


Two MIC Inputs

MAIN located on the top panel, SUB on the rear panel.


Other Inputs

2CD, 2 Line, 3 Phono


Monitor EQ

adjust the bass tone to your favourite level.


Independent Monitor Selection Switch

Monitor any channel input or effect independently or simultaneously.


Booth Monitor Level

Adjusts the volume for a separate DJ Booth monitoring system.


Balanced Output

direct connection to amplifier.


Phones Output

Located on top panel.



separate controls for each channel.




Frequency Response

20Hz ~ 20kHz


0.02 %

Signal to Noise Ratio line

90 dB


70dB or more (1kHz)

Power Supply

AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

37 W


320 x 357.4 x 107 ( WxDxH )

Net Weight

5.9 kg


Input Specs & Terminals



2 x (RCA) 14dBV (200mV) / 22k


3 x (RCA) -54dBV (2mV) / 47k


2 x (RCA) 14dBV (200mV) / 22k


2 x (1x Combi Phone/XLR 1x Jack


4 x (mono mini JACK)


Output Specs & Terminals


Master Out


1 x (RCA) 0 dBV (1V) / 1k

1 x (XLR) 2.2 dBV (1.23V) / 60k


1 x (RCA) 0dBV (1V) /1k

Headphone Monitor Out

1 x (1/4" Phone) 0 dBV(1V)/22


Channel Equalizers



Low Frequency

-20 ~ +12 dB @ 100Hz

Mid frequency

-20 ~ +12 dB @ 1kHz

high Frequency

-20 ~ +12 dB @ 10kHz


Microphone Equalizers



Low Frequency

-12 ~ +6 dB @ 100Hz

high Frequency

-12 ~ +6 dB @ 10kHz


(April 1996)

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