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On your paperwork do you advertise your telephone number(s) in International form (+44), I alway thought of it as unnecessary, but have now changed my paperwork to +44 (0) 1803 813540 for the office number.




.....but what do I know ?




Your Big Event

Office:01803 813540

Direct: 0797 0717 448


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I would imagine that its only really applicable if you are likely to get a large percentage of enquiries from overseas. Otherwise, you are just making it easy for those Nigerian Scammers and foreign call centres to get in touch.


I must admit that when I see numbers in this format, and when dialling directly from a card or brochure its really easy to miss the zero in the brackets and dial what you see, parrot-style and be part way through dialling 1803 813... before that annoying woman tells me i've mis-dialed and I have to start again. Others may see and it not immrdiately be obvious as to the the layout of the number and think 1803 is some sort of premium rate number :rolleyes:


Is telephone always the prefered (and cheapest) method for overseas clients to contact a company?, or would they prefer to use skype / email or one of the many cheaper / free means of making international calls?.


Personally I prefer what a lot of the international / breakdown / travel insurance companies do, give a main number in UK format for UK clients, and then have the number repeated again (usually underneath) in international format non uk clients, and labeled simply as 'international'


I don't think that i'd change my whole paperwork / website etc, just on the basis of one booking and its associated calls from Spain :D

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sounds like they all know you locally andy so your having to go further afield to get work.

first your giving your international phone number,then your trying to get to stanstead airport.

life of an international dj brilliant

:Thumbup: :nbow:


we don't even need to give our area code :thumbsup:

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perhaps a certain international dj he knows has some gigs for him :rolleyes:

I will try anything,once!


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