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right then, im setting up my mobile dj business soon. going on a big shop the end of august and ive got about £2500 at the top to spend on sum equiptment. here is a list of stuff that i have found on htfr.com, im not going to get all of the gear from here is i can get it cheaper elsewere im just sayin htfr.com so you can have a look at anyhthing you haven heard of. heres the list....


x2 acme dynamo 250 £240

american dj sdc 16 dmx controller £75

intimidation int 215 speakers £280

w audio htf 1800 amp £250

kam kwm 1920 mic system £100

pioneer hdj 1000 £120

6ft deck stand with light bar £120

kamkase 19'' 2ux5ux2u (8u) £120

behringer power station £40

x1 l.e.d dynarock £100 (i have already got one of these so im gettin another to pair them)

19'' rack mount 8u £75

stanton rm 402 mixer (5u) £160

stanton c501 cd player/mixer £200

deck stand l.e.d dmx skirt £160


total £1725


and then you gotta add all the wires, what do you think? all suggestions welcome




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I've seen the intimidation int 215 speakers, very big and heavy! I hope you have a big van!

At the time, I was looking for the JBL JRX 125 (more money, but semi 3-way speaker), same size though.

Too big for my Focus C-Max.



The intimidation speakers are only 2-way - mid/bass and tweater. Not sure if you've heard them?


The sound playback looks a little "unbalanced" (sorry...lol) to me, decent mixer/cd players, with budget amp and speakers.

Why are you spending £120 on pioneer headphones when this is 50% of your main speaker budget?



I can't provide any solutions, but could you use cheaper headphones, lose the DMX controller, wireless mic (unless you're planning on going "out front", you probably don't need wireless), etc..?



Its also worth seeing this kit "in the flesh", as mentioned, I was looking at the JBL 3-way and didn't appreciate the size of the thing until I visited my DJ store.


I'd suggest seeing what others suggest, and visiting a real DJ store and getting a good deal. Many will attempt to price match, and things like cables are easy to discount.



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I have a pair of Audio Intimidation INT112's which are from the same line as the 215's you mention. Two thinks I'd say about the 215's are:


1) they'll be very heavy and cumbersome to transport.

2) I found the INT range to not sound that great personally. They sound a bit harsh at the top end - The tweeters are Piezo too...


I'm after some new speakers to replace the INT112's, but as I don't do that many gigs, I dont want to spend too much !





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I think that you should probably think about spending more money on your speakers and amp, even if you want to try to keep your budget below £2000. This is the most important part of your kit and it is the most costly to upgrade at a later date. You could get a pair of Mackie SRM450s V2 new for under a grand or other really decent speakers. If you can stretch to £2500 then you can afford something like this and have money spare for wires.


Also I would get an ultimax stand, as they are very reliable and I don't think that a dmx controller is particularly important for you at this stage, as it is not necessary and is just something else to think/worry about. You can just link up pairs of dmx lights with a dmx cable for a simple no hassle solution.


Have you budgeted for the more boring costs such as equipment insurance, PLI, PAT, website and business cards?


I don't know what type of gigs you are doing but personally I wouldn't have a light system of four scanners. These can be good for the younger crowd but can be an annoyance otherwise and difficult to control, plus they are not very good for slow dances, although with dmx these problems can be solved. Why not get a couple of Impossileds or led pars.


If you shop around you can some of that equipment significantly cheaper, which would give you more money to spend elsewhere i.e. on your speakers. For example you can get two acme dynamos 250 for £195 on djstore complete with a free CA8 controller.

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I have to agree with VOKF about seeing (and hearing !) things "in the flesh". I made a couple of mistakes when purchasing speakers a couple of years back that cost me dear.


Good luck with your venture,



Glenn Knights.

Mirage Moblile Disco

Wickham Market





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i know what u mean on the prices but like i said im just saying this as i cant be botherd to look around to much yet as i still got 2 months before i go on a spend to get all me gear and then i will look around for them things but cheaper, and yeh ive seen a few things not heard much though but i will be having a listen for clarity before i part with my cash on anything (i only want good quality for my money) thats y i think i have set a realistic budget for a starting out dj. i know what u mean about the dmx and getin rid but someone else has also said about the slow dance thing witch is what i was thinking of so i can at least controll how fast they go without playing summet slow like dirty dancing and the lights flying round the floor like were in ibiza. i will be havin a better look at the speaker and amp situation. i was just thinkin i want a set up with a bit of punch as ive heard a few set ups and there isnt much bass there. keep the comments comming though they are all welcome and im takin at all on board. uve been in it for alot loner than me after all lol



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what do u guys think of cerwin vega! for speakers and amps? anyone had any luck with them or heard them? this is what ive seen for the speaker side of things




and this for the amp side of things, from what ive heard cerwin vega is decent so ive gone for the cewin vega setup





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what do u guys think of cerwin vega! for speakers and amps? anyone had any luck with them or heard them? this is what ive seen for the speaker side of things




and this for the amp side of things, from what ive heard cerwin vega is decent so ive gone for the cewin vega setup




Agin the speakers have a nice crisp sound but are large and heavy to manage weighing in at 50 ish Kgs each or 8 Stone

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I also looked at these last year. Decided my back would thank me for separate subs & tops.

I heard good reports about them, but the weight (and size) was really a deal breaker for me.


At 50Kg, they're nearly as heavy as me (big lol)

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Hello Dave


Definately agree with some of the things already said.


Ditch the dmx controller for now as they really complicate things. The acme dynamo/dynarock have some good preset patterns and with the CA-8 you can slow them down a bit as well as black them out (2 of the same lights with a dmx link) Use 2 gobo/monflowers for slow dances and your light kit would be complete.


Re the speakers etc - you get what you pay for im afraid and a decent quility sound system is one of the most important things. A bad sound system wont get any better whatever you plug in to it. I started with pair of Peavey Hisys 2's which im sure many will agree are very good (still use them to this day). They are old hat now but you could pick a pair up secondhand for less than £200 and when you come to upgrade you wont loose much money on them, if any at all.


With the amps i would stretch yourself and avoid the cheaper ones. I would look at the likes of yamaha which have been around for ages and have a good reputation. If you do get s/h speakers you will get up and running for a decent cost.


If you search the equipment sales on here you may find a bargain.


The giraffe stands are cheaper than ultimax but not as sturdy and i would not use the light bar when i go for an active sound system. Why 6" btw. I use a 4" and have enough room for everything, laptop, 19" rack mixer kit and Mackie live mixer for karaoke.


Music playback - the 19" rack kit is simple and good to start with but you may find a pair of tabletop players and mixer for a reasonable price if you dont want MP3. Cant vouch for stanton and again S/h may be usefull (mixer not Cd players).


why spend £120 on headphones when a £30 pair will do?


good luck with the venture and welcome to the world of the nocturnals. You will find yourself posting a 2am one night after a buzzing gig and cant wait to tell us all about it!


One of the other Daves


Ps - You need a basic T bar too as one day you will go into a venue and find a low ceiling - been there done that and luckily had a hacksaw.

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Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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That's a good point sweety..... He should come back and tell us what he got/thinks of what he got. :D

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