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Amazon Downloads - £3 Albums, 29p Tracks

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Amazon has announced the launch of a new download promotion offering single tracks for 29p.


The offer includes current chart-topper 'My Life Would Suck Without You' by Kelly Clarkson.


Other songs available at 29p include Eminem's comeback track 'Crack A Bottle' and Lady GaGa's former number one 'Just Dance'.


Amazon music head Julian Monaghan said: "Customers have told us how much they like our £3 album offers and we were keen to do something that was equally as appealing on individual tracks.


"We believe that offering these ten chart-topping tracks for only 29p, we will encourage even more people to experience the Amazon MP3 store."


Albums currently available from the store for £3 include Because Of The Times from Kings of Leon and UK number one Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy.


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Never used Amazon downloads myself. Have used EMusic - downloads cheap/free from them too but the 'library' is not that ideal for our line of work, IMO.

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I buy ALL my music on Amazon these days, as their download software also places the music you buy in your iTunes folder automatically. This is great for putting the same songs on my ipod to listen to in the car!


iTunes disgusted me when they didn't reduce their prices when the VAT rate reduced from 17½ to 15%. Even just a penny off, 79p to 78p, would have shown they give a stuff about their British customers, but apparently they don't so Amazon rules! Plus Amazon's downloads are straighforward mp3, so perfect for DJ use.


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Yeah ahve to say haven't had a ny issues with amazon downloads so far and can't grumble at their costs... I tend to use it mixed with napster and CD Pool Radio & Hits CD's to keep me up to date with newer music.

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