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Interview With Raymilkybarkid

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OK people here is another interview from one of our members. Many thanks Ray for taking time out to do the interview and I am sure people on here will find reading your answers very interesting.


This is a great way of becoming more involved in YOUR online community so let me know if you would be up for a DJU interview.


Nik (UKHero)



1. What is your DJU Forum Alias? Raymilkybarkid

2. What is your Real Name, Age, Location & Marital Status? Ray Douglass, 43, Bedfordshire, Married to Elaine

3. What is the Name of your Disco? RJD Productions

4. How long have you been a DJ? 26 years

5. What inspired you to become a DJ? Music & Pirate Radio

6. Are you a Full/Part Time DJ? If part time what else do you do? Full time

7. What is your favourite type of function now? (eg: Wedding, 18th Birthday party, etc)? Productions followed by Weddings

8. What’s the worst/most embarrassing thing you've done in front of an audience? Fell accross the stage and knocked the lectern off the stage

9. If you could go back to the beginning of your DJ career is there anything that you'd do differently? (eg: The gear that you bought, the way you promoted/advertised yourself) No

10. What do you feel you offer the public that convinces them to book you rather than "the next guy/girl"? A fully planned event from arrival to exit.

11. Have you ever bought something for your show that you wish you hadn't? and why? Yes 36" diameter mirror ball - can't fit it through a standard door.

12. What's your next DJ purchase likely to be? More lights for restoration.

13. If you could get someone to invent a new piece of disco equipment for your show, what would it be? super carry to get the gear up stairs

14. What was the worst equipment failure suffered during a gig? Lighting desk went bang.

15. What do you think is the best thing about DJing? Seeing people having fun.

16. What do you think is the worst thing about DJing? Late Nights

17. What would make you stop DJing (if anything)? When i'm Dead

18. How do you think DJing will change, in the next 5 years? equipment will be cheaper and there will be more ipod DJs

19. Most stupid thing anyone's ever said to you at a gig? Waiter can we have another bottle of Wine Just after I had left the stage at an award ceremony

20. Best advice you were ever given by a fellow DJ? Buy the best equipment you can afford as service it regular.

21. And worst advice you were ever given? DAT will be the future

22. How do you keep up to date with music? (eg Promo monthly CDs, Downloads, Purchase from retailer) Radio / mailshots and the CD pool

23. Name 3 songs that 95% of the time will fill the dance floor for you! 1 Billy Ocean love really hurts 2 Boystown Gang Can't take eyes off you 3 Queen We Will rock You

24. One piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting out. Don't expect to have a social life and always be polite to your client and their guests your next booking may be there.

25. What medium format do you mainly use eg vinyl, CD, hard-drive? CD

26. Have you embraced/adapted any ideas that you've read about on DJU - if so what? None

27. What is your best gig ever and your worst? London Marathon 2007 best gig ever 20,000 people worst Wedding a few years ago when the Brides Father Died after the first dance

28. Apart from 'Word of Mouth' what is your main (most successful) form of advertising your disco? None

29. Are you a member of a DJ Association / Union and how does being a member benefit you? Yes various

30. Have you ever had someone try to claim off you? (eg: Public Liability Insurance or other such legal action) No

31. How many gigs do you do a year, how many would you like to do? I average myself approx 35 gigs but as a company 85 +

32. What is your average charge for a booking? double ended for me as we also run productions for weddings about £350

33. How many tracks do you have in your music collection? No Idea

34. What is your favourite venue to perform in? The Dorchester

35. What is your favourite music genre? Dance

36. Do you use a roadie? Yes

37. How long does it take you to rig your equipment and then pack it away? from 40 mins to 8 Hours

38. How far do you travel from your base to perform as a DJ? UK and Europe

39. What other services do you provide (if any) on top of being a DJ? Productions from stage to sound

40. Add any additional comments which you would like to include here...

I restore 1970's and 80's Club lighting as a hobby not that I get much time.

I started out as a DJ in the 80's and worked in Maguluf for 2 years in a Club at the beginning of my career. I now run a production company aimed mainly at the corporate sector.

If you are a Newbie if you have a dream to DJ follow that dream as I did. I gave up my Secure daytime job at 19 to go full time and yes its hard but worth it.

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