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So, you are just resigning yourself to watching the National Lottery draw or taking the OH out for a meal, when the phone rings with a local landlord or tearful bride on the phone, having been let down by their entertainment.


Regardless of whether you agreed to help out or not, How many times this year so far has your phone rung with this scenario?.

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"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


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had a few during the week... i was had a call 2hours before a gig called from an agency I work for... one of their djs (a friend) got rushed into hospital and I covered his gig!

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Looking back at the diary from last year and 12 in total with a knock at the door to be greeted with a red faced groom and best man.

they had run round from the local social club to see if i could help them out.

Its most certainly on the increase here in the north east with DJ's not turning up or lame excuses on the phone 24hrs before the gig. very sad indeed.

If you cant do the gig .......dont take on the booking.

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I must admit that I was prompted to ask this after reading on a website about the dire consequences of booking a 'cheaper dj'. It seems some market themselves on negative 'what if' scenario's just like the intruder alarm sales people of the 1980's who sat in your front room telling you macabre tales of families been chopped up and totured by masked intruders in order to scare you into buying their alarm system :D .


With talk of so many cowboys out there, I thought that the figure from disappointed clients all ringing up at the last minute because their notoriously unreliable '£60 sid' had let them down or had turned up late would be much higher, however in essence it seems like you are probably be more likely to be let down in real life by other trades (taxi's, electricians, plumbers, parcel deliveries etc) failing to keep their appointment than DJ's


Which is of course quite good news for the industry on a whole :Thumbup:

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"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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I had this once last year on a Sat where the phone rang on a Saturday afternoon.


A woman had booked a hall and DJ for her daughter's 10th birthday, the DJ was booked through a local agency and when he didn't turn up aparantly the agency told them they could have their money back!


We dropped everything and did the party and the parents were really happy.


Obviously this did not look good for the agency which shall remain nameless.


I'll bet the agency booked a local spotty oik that then decided to go out on the beers the night before and then couldn't be bothered the next day!



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