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Hi all,


Just wanted to come on and say Hi to one and all.


I have decided to venture into the world of the Mobile DJ, hopefully with some success.


Me and my friend started our own small Mobile DJ business in 2001, while we were at Uni, with very limited success. Due to time and money, we had no real chance of making it 'big', however, on the few occasions we were hired, feedback was positive. Our setup was small, experience minimal, and our prices reflected this.


Our Dj adventure ended in 2003, as the pressures of Uni became too great. The dream had ended!


Fastforward to 2009. After months of unhappiness in my current job, with work slowly driving up, I was looking for a new project - the thought of picking up where I left off in 2003 became a reality in a very short space of time.


I am forming a new business, centered around being a Mobile DJ, offering extras, such as buffet supply, event decoration and preparation.


Obviously, this won't happen overnight, as the plans are in their infancy, so I am taking it slow. For the moment, I am only offering a Mobile Disco as the budget will only allow for this. I am in the process of finalising a deal with a local catering firm, where I can 'test the water' with my 'Food N Music' Package. I bring business to the firm, in return for a small percentage of profit on the food served. Depending on the success of this venture, I may decide to bring all catering in-house, to maximise the available profit.


It is a long road ahead, and for now my aim is to become a recognised Mobile Dj, giving people what they want at a respectable price. I will be meeting with any customers face to face where I can, to ensure I offer them the service they require.


I am aiming for an official launch on August 7th (07/08/09). I am going to spend 1 month doing sound and light checks in the function rooms of a number of social clubs, inviting people along to offer their opinion and suggest improvements to the show. On August 7th, I am holding a 'Launch Party' at a local venue, inviting family, friends and members of local businesses to see our product offering.


An added bonus is that I've managed to bring my old DJ partner out of 'retirement', and I have some great ideas as to how our double act will set us apart from the competition.


Its a long road ahead, and i've been praised, and called mad at the same time.


Is my vision too optimistic?




Mark C





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Is your vision too unrealistic..? It's a tad risky, in the current climate, but not unrealistic. There are plenty of guys on here out every week so there is still an audience. As long as you have a desired product you'll get customers.


Good luck to you, keep us all informed!

[insert quirky comment]

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I just hope that this is a two way street.......


It is entirely possible that the catering firm has more enquiries than you......and can bring you as much (if not more) work than you bring them!


Therefore, I hope that you have included the possibility for payments/incentives going the other way as well!



Roy B.


Digital Distortion Disco (D3 Entertainments)


See you around!

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Welcome to the house of fun :joe:

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Impact'><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>KEEP THE FAITH</span>

M.U. Member





PLI YES £10,000,000


0845 46 DISCO / MOB 07703011164






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Thanks for the welcome.


I should be taking delivery of my new equipment within 2 weeks, then I can go about testing it out in small, medium and large rooms to see how it can be improved, and what kit i can leave out in a smaller venue, although I am aware it will be a little different in an empty room as opposed to a room ful of people.


It certainly will be an interesting and exciting few months - hopefully all niggles will be ironed out for the winter season, where I can hopefully take advantage of some Christmas parties (I've already had a Christmas booking - woohoo)

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