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A Song I Heard....

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Heard a song on the radio a few weeks ago but didn't hear what it was called. I think it was either a classical or an orchestral piece. I thought I heard the DJ call it "Mosaic de Labour" or something like that - Masac de Labor, etc.


Anyone help? It's not often I hear a song like this that appeals.


Cheers guys.

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Needle in haystack comes to mind. What radio station and when ? Have you checked playlists, charts, etc?

It definitely wasn't a Motown track! I was on the way to the airport for a week in The Maldives which is why I wasn't paying too much attention! It was in April and I don't know what station...I channel hop through stations looking for anything to listen to. If I was pushed I might guess at Simon Bates. He's on Classic FM isn't he?

[insert quirky comment]

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