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Strange Line Up Of Events...

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I did a Karaoke last night at a pub local to me which I do fortnightly and last night (Thurs) was my secong n ight, When I drove past in the daytime i noticed they was no sighn up on the A board for the karaoke where the week before there was...


So anyway got there and one of the bar staff said "ow we did not think you where going to turn up" I found this a bit strange as I had got there in plenty of time. Then one of the regulars told me he had heard I had been keyed as in attaked, I replied "no not me"


Anyway end of the night afterwards when everyone had gone, I was talking to the landlord and he told me that someone had rung on my behalf saying I was not going to be able to make it because I had been Keyed/Attaked.

Coinsidently another guy was there ready to set up his karaoke if I did not turn up, They have also had someone elce in from a pud down the road where I do my regular Saturday night asking to do the Karaoke!!


What the hell are people playing at? Because news had spread that I was not going to be there, The pub lastnight was quiet!!

Just goes to show what an A frame board can do!!


And before anyone asks the Landloard had lost my number :wall:

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times are hard and people do desperate things to get work


many years ago my dads yellow pages bill was about £3000, bak when people used yellow pages. Someone called up and pretended to be him and said he had gone bust and cancelled all the advertising. Imagine that, a whole year without advertising!! He just happened to ring up to edit an advert and they said they had nothing on file!! He JUST made it into the book

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