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Hi Folks !

My name is Mike, I've recently returned to Djing at the ripe old age of 49 ! :spin:

Why at 49 you may ask ? Well I used to do a bit maybe 10 years ago with my son for a bit of extra earnings etc. but packed it in when he lost interest and I changed my full time job.

Then about 3 years ago my wife came home with a poster for Jive lessons, so we thought we would give it a go for a bit of fun, after a couple of lessons we were hooked !

To cut a long story short I have now begun organizing monthly dances at a local Social Club for our fellow dancers purely for enjoyment and non profit making as any profit made will be used to pay for a live band when we can afford it.

The style of Jive is 1940's/Swing based on Lindy Hop, we were surprised how big a scene there is for this style of Jive but not a lot of followers near where we live in Pembrokeshire hence my idea of dusting off the Cd players !

Sorry to rattle on a bit but just wanted to say Hello ! :Thumbup:

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:welcome: to the forum

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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Yes, welcome to the forum, :welcome: 49 - you are still a lad, I'm still doing a few gigs at 56 and so age is just a number.

All the Best - Mick

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