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Advice Wanted For Doing A Primary School Leavers Party

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Hi everyone,

through a friend i have got a gig at a local primary school. I have not yet found a guide on kids discos, so i am simply looking for some basic guidance on doing one, ie what tends to work both in terms of microphone use / fx & then of course the music! Can anyone suggest games or prizes?

Thanks for your help!

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I have one of these next week.


Stick cheesy usually works, stuff like:


Cha cha slide, Macarena etc. Then maybe some stuff from the most recent Now albums, maybe Rihanna, Flo Rida etc.


Get them playing games if you want - Arches is usually good, Musical statues etc.

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You'll probably get asked for some of the latest chart stuff (like Cascada / Flo Rida / Pink / Katy Perry / Wiley / Lady Ga Ga / Lily Allen (child safe version though!) etc. etc. etc.).


For actions: Macarena / Cha Cha Slide / Conga / fast food song (!) / others



I usually throw in S-Club 7 / DJ Otzi / Amarillo too..


Or you could always send in a playlsit rqeuest to see what they actually want!






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A list of ideas and games for kids of all ages can be found on this thread




Avoid traditional party giveaways like sweets and chocolate for prizes as some kids can be allergic or forbidden them


For prizes / giveaways, consider glowsticks or small toys. You can also get some mini led keyring torches for about 30p each. If you have a poundshop or poundland near to you, its a good place to stock up on this type of thing.

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