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Hi all, I currently use windows XP on a HP Pavilion laptop, On the front there is 2 1/4" earphone sockets and 1 1/4" Mic socket, Is there any programs out there that will enable me to plug a mic in which will go straight through to the speakers? Preferably with reverb?

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it wil go straight through the speakers as it is, you dont need a seperate program. You may need to go into sound properties and enable the mic for recording and playback.


In XP you right click on the volume icon next to the clock, select 'open volume control' and make sure 'mic' is un-muted and the fader up. If it doesnt work, click on 'options' and make sure 'advanced properties' is ticked, then go to 'properties' and 'recording' and make sure 'mic' is there as well. If you unplug your mic at any time you may need to untick the mic box as it might use the onboard mic on the laptop and get feedback/squealing.


I dont know about reverb though, it isnt built in to windows, but Im sure someone will do a plug in.



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It will also sound rubbish, unless you have a very high spec soundcard.


You would be far better off getting a cheap or second hand little mixer and running the microphone through that.


Many mixers have effects on board, so you could add your reverb there.

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