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Right so iv just got home from doing an 18th and i must say it went really well. So now your proberly wondering what went wrong.


well i'll tell you its my SPEAKERS. The thing is i'm only 18 and so cant afford a van or a trailer and havent got endless amounts of money for good speakers like some mackies. So when my cheap soundlab ones blew a year ago i got some QLX pro 350w rms (plastic cabs) they arnt the best speakers in the world but they are good quality for the price. Now last week at a leavers ball a tweater went and also a driver in a pair of smaller speaker i use.


so at this point i'm fed up and was thinking im going to sort my sound out once and for all so i went wild and got some class D 350w bass bins to replace my smaller speakers and i took my QLX in for repair. come friday when i came and picked it up it wasnt ready because the replacment compression driver hadnt been delevered But i took it anyway as i needed it for this 18th and i was just going to have to do with the sound being un-balenced. half way through this 18th the damaged qlx goes all togeather. but to be fair the other one did me proud and it wasnt that noticable and that was to me we was sobar and everyone else of there face.


so now i'm faced with a dilema. do i :

1. just get the one damaged QLX speaker repaired

2. replace both drivers in the QLX speakers with some quality eminence ones

3. sell the QLX for what i can get and get some new speakers for around £200-£250 (not my favourite as i will be struggling to afford it)


so there you go, hope i havent bored you with my troubles but it would be nice to get some advice and guidence. thanks

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Its always a good idea to go back right to the start and try and find out why the speakers blew in the first place. I guess that you are getting a bit carried away volume wise and over driving the speakers, probably by running the amplifier into clipping.


What amplifier are you running these speakers from?.


Seems to me that until you figure out where the problem lies, you are just gonna be endlessly replacing drivers and throwing money at the problem in a panic, rather than thinking it through with a view to solving it.


So if you are running the QLX Speakers as well as the Class D Bins, then you have the potential of 700W RMS Power handling per channel. This is pretty good for most venues. Is you amplifier rated ABOVE 700W RMS per channel into 4 ohms?

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