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i'm considerin buying a pair of these just wondering if anyone has any views on the carlsbro brand or these speakers in particular. I am buying these 2nd hand for £150 with a powerline 800 wat amp is this worth it? i will be running these with a pair of 350w class D bass bins and i am hoping this will be load enough for most applications



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I nearly got some active Carlsbro subs at the start of the year - but found they were in administration. I don't know the current status, but unless their finances are in better shape you could be buying kit with little warranty and limited spares.


The kit I was looking at was used by the stores hire dept, and so I could test easlily- they sounded ok, and were not too expensive.


Pricewise, the Powerline 800 is selling from ~£200 new with the Delta 12 selling new for ~£300, so on the face of it, a good deal.


Be aware the the Powerline 800 is only 250WRMS into the 8Ohm load of the Delta 12's. If you got some 4Ohm speakers, you'll get the full 400W out of the amp.


With the Delta 12's, you'll be clipping the amp before meeting the speakers rated output, so take care..



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