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Hey Hey


Just wanted to know which one you lot would advise to get

I’ve spent way too long now looking around at the different options and kinda fed up now. Would appreciate any other suggestions


Theser are the ones im trying to chose between






http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR286444 (need to find an amp for this though, so probably abit too pricey)




http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR171639 (i heard the build quality is alwful?!)


They will just be used in the house, but i want as good quality as possible, the occasional house party definitely!


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Personally I wouldn't go for any of the above. :hide:


I would get JBL Control 1 monitors http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR267659 and a Samson servo amp http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR259758 or if your budget could stretch to it, http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR259842


Or if you want the active version http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR230080 aren't bad.

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As it says in the description, they are industry standard. They have a good bass thump for the size. There are several DJ's that use them for background in venues or for fill in if sound is needed in another room. Not sure if Mr Goodtimes uses them but I think he does, if so, he can give a better endorsement.


Suggest avoid Tapco

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Can I ask what you want to use them for?


If it's DJ monitoring, I'd not use any of them, these are studio monitors with the exeption of the wharfedale, and wont stand up to the pounding that a dj normally gives them.




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I have never listened to the Tapco S8s, I have however, listened to the 12s, 18s and the Thump 15s and don't like them but admit they are good value.


I don't use any speakers for monitoring but do have some various ones that I use for fill-in, speeches etc...guess its the same sort of cab really. I use RCF ART310s, DAS 8A and JBL wireless Control 1s...Think HTFR are still doing the wireless set for about £149...excellent for speeches for a small gathering, round the home and the odd house party.

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o crap, my bad hadnt finished the post, accidently pressed add


no i dont dj anymore, used to mess around at my mates, but i love my music and im fed up with the surround logitech speakers i've got at home. i want a decent pair but arnt redicously expensive if you get what i mean.


i read somewhere that the tapcos could be used in home theaters and general listening too. thats what tempted me.

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