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Blocking Internet Access Tg585

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I want to block internet access between certain times but want the ADSL router to do it.

I want it to go off automatically at say 10pm.

Is there any way to get my router to do it, it is a Thomson TG585 v7.

The reason I want it to be a router solution is that I want it to block the Xbox.

It isn't a problem when I'm in, but I have found that one of the kids is going online when I'm out and he shouldn't be.

I don't want to have to take his controller of him.



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No I'm with Be (owned by o2).




Your firmware may be different as Tiscali have their own. If you log in to the router the parental control is under the Toolbox. Worth having a look in case yours is different

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Get a decent router.


My linksys has an "access control" section where I can control access via MAC address or IP adress, access is set by Day and time, so I could set mon-fri 8am - 10pm, and sat/sun 8am-10:30pm


Your PC would not be effected (assuming you have a separate computer). The XBOX will have a different MAC address and be unique from other devices on your network.



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I don't know this router. However, if there is a way to send the router a command from your PC, perhaps via a command line on your PC, then you might be able to schedule your PC to send the command at a particular time. It depends on whether your router would accept command line instructions and will probably involve a bit of googling. Sorry if it's a bit of a techie solution but in the absence of specific features in the router or it's controlling software, it's all I can think of (apart from getting a new router :( ).




Matt McC

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Some routers have a telnet interface, but this would probably be difficult to automate (most routers require a login), running a script could be automated, but the actual login/command to disable would be hard.


I'm not sure how the XBOX works- obviously if its using DNS, then running a local DNS server and ensuring the XBOX uses that may allow access control.

You could also run a proxy, and also have similar control. I've used a few in the past, and if you know the ports used by XBOX then blocking is possible.



Jasons school of parenting would threaten to take it on Gigs/Unplug if the rules were not followed. This worked with my 2 (albeit younger) when I found they were playing with their Nintendo DS's until early hours. Locking them away for one night until the following lunchtime was enough pain for them to behave..

However, not having older kids, I realise this may result in serious grief and "Bad Dad Syndrome :devil: ".

I'm also sure mine will start playing again in a few weeks..


I suspect any technical solution will be difficult, and he would find a workaround.


I used to program my spectrum until early hours. Didn't harm me (apart from very poor exam results - but I was wizz in Z80 :-)



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