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So what are your memories of 1982?


I was in Secondary School back then and must admit - I can't remember much at all except for having a pair of mirrored glasses pinched! I must have looked a right donut in them anyway and was probably being done a favour! LOL!

Have vague memories of Soft Cell being played a lot on the radio(?!) watching the news reports of the troops send-off to the Falklands War but my strongest memory is from watching a pirate copy of 'Scanners' on a rather large video system over at a friends house! The remote control was on a rather thick lead, operated to much enjoyment by rewinding and playing a gory scene....yuk!







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What a year....The year I left school and started my first Job, Had a Yamaha FS1E should have kept it they are worth a fortune now got seriously interested in DJing.

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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First gig in Norway !, May 1982 !

I will try anything,once!


The Cornish will arise again !

Manager of the Andy Harris Fan Club.

Keep pasties Cornish

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Next to last year of my apprenticeship with BNFL, also got engaged in that year.

Was the resident DJ in a dump of a pub come club in Chorley (The Crown) and after finishing there at 11pm we would go to a pub at Charnock Richard that was open until 2. If I remember correctly it was called The Bowling Green.

Great music at that time, Flock Of Seaguls, XTC, Human League, ABC, Haircut 100, the list goes on.....



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I was 11, remember Jam/Blondie/Ian Drury - still love that stuff today. I spent lots of time with my cousin, whose brother run a mobile disco - so there was lots of music around. I remember not really liking Abba/"Disco", being more into rock/guitar stuff (but not having much exposure).


Got my first introduction into computers - maths guy from secondary school came to down (I was still in Primary school), and taught me BASIC. Kinda sparked some interest, and allowed me to waste the rest of my schooling!


Aha, I also discovered girls. My parents fostered a 12yrs old girl, and I was in love :love: (for about 6 weeks)



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I was in the Royal Navy serving on board H.M.S Glamorgan in the Falklands. We were the last ship to get hit, we got hit by an exocet on the 12th june killining 13. Not a happy time.


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