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Denon Dns3700

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just wondering if anyone else has had or knows of any problems with there/these players ?


mine keep doing strange things


1 - i set a cue point on the hot cue , skip forward a bit to pfl the track at a louder point then when i go back to start from the cue point it starts from where i had skiped to ???


2 - takes notions to auto loop part of the track from the hot start ? ( ps definitaly not red on auto loop ) !


3 - last week it froze when i tried to use the next track feature ??? never done this one before ?


ive had them about 2 months and have only been using them once a week but have had the problems 1 & 2 since i got them , upgraded the firmware hoping that it would resolve them but still having problems ?


so just wondering is these are known issues or should i return them to my dealer to be replaced ???


thanks in advance and also on cd & mp3 ! just a little more simple info as i know it helps to have the facts !!!

cheers again !

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I would ask over at www.denondjforums.com. More people in the know over there.


cheers for replying :Thumbup: i thought nobody cared :lol:


i posted on there too and very little responce 1 reply from denon and another from another member


both pretty much implying that its my fault ??? but i will perservere lol

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