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Have You Ever Upset Another Service Provider...

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ive upset plenty


Bands who setup before me and dont leave me ANY room


Photographers moaning about me using a Smoke Machine or even one who moaned about me having lights!!


Hotel Management and Caterers asking me to change the music because they didnt like it (even though the B&G booked me and asked me to play 90's Dance Music and DnB.....to a full dancefloor)

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probably easier for me to try and think of the ones I haven't upset.


I try to be nice, but occasionally the favour, small talk and courtesy isn't returned :rolleyes: so i think what they hell, they aren't paying me, and I don't breath and have a pulse just to applease them.


Some venue management are the worst, and i'm really surprised that there arent three Entrances to some venues


Public Entrance

Tradesmans Entrance

Dj Entrance


Of course the DJ Entrance being the one which is unlit, litered with broken tables and catering equipment in various states of distress and of course the one furthest from the stage which the punters inevitably crowd around at the end of the evening.

"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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Upset quite a few members of staff and management of venues (espically ones in the city centre!) doing rock discos etc!

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I inadvertently upset hotel management when a guest that was staying in the hotel but nothing to do with the party came up to me and aggressively asked me to turn it down as he couldn't sleep, I told him to speak to reception due to it being a wedding.


Reception came and asked me to turn it down and 10 minutes later the bride came up and asked me to turn it back up, I explained that the hotel have had a complaint about the noise level from a guest to which she replied "I am paying alot more money than the guest...I'll sort this out"


Cue a visit from Manager telling me to turn it back up as he had just had an earful from the bride and that I should have ignored the hotel guest.





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The last 21st Birthday Party I did, their in-house DJ was there to watch me setup to make sure that I did not use any of his equipment or plug into any of it. I did point out that my Peavey UL Subs and Tops were more sufficient and would not need to plug into his 12" Skytec Speakers lol.

He was very angry that even though he comes included as the price of the hall, the birthday girl had paid extra as she wanted me to DJ for her.

The entire time I was setting up the DJ was going on and on about me stepping on his toes.


Another time I had set my equipment up at the side of the stage, with the speaker stacks either side of the stage. When I arrived at the venue later I had found the band had took my top speakers off the stack, put them onto stands, and then plugged a cable in from their amp to my speakers, also leaving my feed from my amp plugged into them also.

I was not impressed and this left a very sour bad atmosphere for the rest of the night.



Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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Love the picture in the OP with the sullen photographer in the background.


1) My experiences with photographers bar a few are poor. I can be incredibly caustic when the mood strikes me and I really managed to offend one photographer, who spent the first hour or so of the evening reception complaining to me about just about everything. I was responsible for all of his woes apparently, including the fact the 'house lights' in the room had been turned off. I'd had absolutely nothing to do with the house lights but try telling that to the fool!


I'd had just about enough of him and he said something derogatory about my equipment, to which I replied, "well, had I known I'd have been in the company of David Bailey I might have made more of an effort... oh, sorry, what was I thinking, David Bailey YOU AIN'T!"


He backed off after that.


2) During my second Christmas of DJing, I did some gigs for a real cowboy outfit. One of their clients was a Holiday Inn Express hotel, which had one of the pokiest restaurants imaginable and used it as their function room for office parties. The one gig I did at the hotel was supposed to be an 80s-themed party, which was absolutely fine for me.


I played non-stop 80s as background music and then for the first hour when the party started. Initially the 80s music hit the right note but the punters got bored. They were a nice bunch though, didn't complain at all but gave me a list of classic party tracks to play, none of which were released in the 80s.


What do you do? My response is to play what your punters want. I did just that and had a lot of happy people dancing to your usual party tracks including Dancing Queen, Let's Twist Again and The Macarena.


A member of barstaff for the hotel came up to me and told (yes, told) me 'stick to the theme' and walked off.

I ignored her. A different member of staff came up after 5 minutes and said, "look, you've been told it's an 80s theme, so why are you doing your own thing?" I explained I wasn't, all of the tracks I'd been playing had been requested. I even showed the guy the scraps of paper that the punters had handed me.


He said, "ignore them!" I got into an exchange along the lines of 'you're working for a hotel and you're telling me to ignore the customers... how does that make sense?'


Fortunately one of their customers came up to request something and the guy working for the hotel intervened, "only 80s music!" I said, "but that's not what they want." The customer looked like she was about to lose it, so I suggested she complain to a manager. She did, and I saw this bloke in a blazer, tie and shirt walking over with the customer towards the obnoxious staffmember. The manager looked annoyed. End result was I played what I was asked to play by the paying customers. I was glared at by the staffmember for most of the evening.


The hotel, or somebody from it, complained to the cowboy agency who I worked for. The owner didn't know what he was doing but tried to tell me I'd acted improperly and had 'spoiled the night.' It just didn't tally. I'd not received a single complaint from the people attending the party, in fact people had thanked me for playing their requests and I'd had people up dancing in a very poky restaurant for most of the evening. I'd done my job. :wall:


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