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Vic The Resident Dj Has Entered The Forum

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Hi there Guys and Gals


Well that's a great start, sounding like I'm Jimmy Saville or something!


I'm new here, looking for any hints or tips as a budding DJ.


I started off in life as (and still am, in fact) the Resident DJ at Woolenwick Infants and Nursery School here in sunny Stevenage in Hertfordshire. From this I branched out into (woo hoo) becoming the Resident DJ at the nearby Woolenwick Junior School too. I have done a few private gigs too, mostly children's birthday parties and the occasional residents association and every year I 'host' the school fetes too. Exciting stuff I hear you say.


Well now I'm looking to develop even further as a DJ and maybe go on to doing loads of weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs (cause I need the money). Which is why I'm here and looking to learn from the masters (that's you lot).


May our relationship be long and prosperous...



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Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great advice here just like I did.


There is threads just about on everything. I also do a lot of kids entertainment, and its useful to have a look through the kids party games thread... Great for picking up ideas to add



GDK Entertainments

Raising The Standards In Entertainment

M 0783 529 5169

E info@gdkentertainments.co.uk

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Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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Welcome Vic


I used to go to woolenwick in the early 80'S - Great School!





Still is a great school, though if you came back for a visit now you probably wouldn't recognise the place.


Just in case you're interested we have a school website (with some pictures) - just Google Woolenwick Infants Stevenage and you should be able to find it.


:welcome: to the forum Vic.

Do you use your own kit or do you use the schools?





I'm using the school's kit at the moment Jim, but if I have any success (i.e. get more than about three bookings) I'll seriously have to think about getting some of my own. Hey, that'll be when I first start using this forum to get some good advice about what kit to buy. Yay! smile icon



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