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Dyrham Park Country Club - Hertfordshire

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  • 4 months later...

Has anyone played here? I have a wedding coming up soon. Thinking about parking/access/management





Just found this again - so will update if it will help others...


Access is around the back. I spoke to the manager who directed me round the rear of the building, close to the kitchen area.

There was still about 20M walk, some on grass into the rear door of the room.


The room has a dance-floor directly in front of the rear door, with seating to the left & right of the floor.

The bar is in a separate area.


The manager wanted to see my PLI and I produced my DJ@ certificate and this was accepted without any problems.


No sound level monitor, but essentially you'll be filling the smallish dancefloor with sound, and no need for xxxKW rigs.



The management did ask for lots of annoucements, "guestbook","directions to the bar" and a few others. Not normally a problem.


The management did look after us. We were given a meal and a few cold drinks. The food was suberb, shame we didn't know about this and left site for the KFC at South Mimms Services before..


Anyway, I didn't have any problems there, and found it an easy place to work.





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That was a 20M as in 20 metres not 20M as in Minutes i hope!


This is a great info for anyone in that area. a simple search of DJU will now give members the benefits of your experience , this is why i love DJU so many members wishing to pass on what they have learned.


nice one jason


Rob Star Entertainments
Facebook page
landline 0161 265 3421
Mobile: 0777 99 777 26

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That was a 20M as in 20 metres not 20M as in Minutes i hope!


... or 20 miles.... :)

DJ David Graham

Tel: 01204 537716 / 01942 418415

Email: hello@djgraham.co.uk

FB: http://facebook.com/djdavidgraham

Web: [under construction - it really is coming soon :)]

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... or 20 miles.... :)



Well... it certainly felt like that, and more like 40 at the end of the night!... lol


Something to remember if its raining as they wouldn't let me pull up outside the rear door as that was all nicely turfed.


Just adding -its got a high ceiling with wall sockets either side of the read door, so in my case, I could power each speaker system separately, using a the remaining spare wall sockets for lighting and playback.



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