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Help Required With Njd Moonflowers- Chaos 2, 3 Or 2002?!

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Hey gang,


Got fed up of hiring lights when I was doing small parties and such. I'm used to hiring from a place in Brighton "2 moonflowers".


I hired some last weekend and I'm pretty sure they were NJD Chaos 2002 - at least that what they had on the front access panel.


Anyway, fed up with the hassle of hiring I bought from eBay a couple of NJD Moonflowers - in the picture they had Chaos 2002 on the front.


But I've just got them and they're "Chaos 3's" - that's what it says on the side and on the instructions. They also don't seem as good. They're still 250w, but have rotating gobos etc unlike the one I beleived I hired.


So the question is - are 'Chaos 3' updated 2002 models? Are they different? The NJD website isn't really that clear


Any ideas? I'll call the hire shop that I normally go to in the morning to see what's what, but I'm a bit confoosed as I'm sure you can tell!


Fine regards from Brighton -



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The original Chaos came out in 1997 I think, and was a 100watt moonflower light. You can still buy these.


I later bought a chaos 2002, which was 250 watt, but 'very busy' for my liking and I confined to very small parties preferring the EVL Spins or Datamoons. The light shared the same gobo/colour wheel, so I assume that the Chaos 3 is an updated version on the 2002. However I can't it either :shrug:

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Interesting. I buy NJD gear direct and I've never heard of, seen or been offered a Chaos 3. I've just logged on to their website and they only show the standard Chaos, the Chaos 2 and the 2002. Did it have the NJD logo?


Unless the Chaos 2002 would have been the Chaos 3, but was renamed 2002? Just a theory!






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It appears David is correct.

I you look on Electrovisions French site it is referred to as the Chaos 3, yet the picture shows it marked up as a 2002. If you then click the British flag, the site then also refers to it as the 2002.




Hmm, I have a Chaos 3 then(2002) :norfolk:

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