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I have for sale a Denon DN X400 mixer in excellent condition as well as a Denon DN 2500 F dual CD decks in ok condition.


The play button on the left deck is a bit sensitive for some reason and sometimes plays then immediately pauses but it's not too much of a problem. The mixer and decks are compatable for crossfader start anyway so you don't need to use the play button.


Denon's DN-X400 is a professional quality mixer that's loaded with features including:


2-digital outputs (Coaxial & Optical)


Track Mark (increments digital tracks from the mixer while recording)


8 line / 2 phono inputs, 2 Microphone inputs


Mic post on/off


Master output (balanced)


Master and Rec output (unbalanced)


Booth/Zone output (balanced)


Booth/Zone output level adjustment with meter display


Subwoofer output (balanced, mono)


Subwoofer output freq control


Send / Return effect loop (stereo)


Input Gain control (each channel)


PFL adjustment


-26dB ~ +10dB HI, MID, LOW tone controls


Split cue H/P monitor and display


Crossfader channel assign selector, 1~4


Cross fader contour adjustment


Cue, program pan


45mm VCA faders


Fader Start: compatible with DENON's DN-1800F, DN-2100F, DN-2600F or other brand pulse start CD players


Industrial build with high performance parts


Superb audio fidelity (extremely clean)


Complement the digital outputs to Denon's MiniDisc or CD-R recorders


Small chassis, only 4U rack spaces



They are housed in a flight case and i'm asking £250 for the lot which is a bit of a bargain I think!






Tel number is 07921 153588


I will split these if youre only interested in one or the other.

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