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#1 Teez


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Posted 25 October 2009 - 10:38 PM

I'd like to know if anyone out there uses DJS outside of the bedroom and what they think of it.

I was looking forward to using it as it came with my Pioneer player (MEP7000) and was optimistic that it would be a really valuable tool.

Well I may be pre-judging it a little too soon but I've found it quite limited.

I'm not that old but firstly I can hardly see the smaller detail on the screen!

I had started to created catalogues and playlists on WMP which I have found really simple to use (and even better than iTunes) and had hoped I could migrate that information into DJS but it seems that I can't. I won't list all the bugs on here but it seems very limited.

Am I missing something? Can anyone recommend anything better? I don't need a studio mixer software package, just something I can use at home to prep playlists and then use on the road. Preferrably I would still like it to interface with my player.

Comments appreciated.

#2 gadget


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 09:40 AM

I trialled Pioneer's DJS last year, and it was "ok", but found it limited with what I could do with it, and it didn't seem up to what I'd expect from the Pioneer brand..


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 01:18 PM

Do you mean Virtual DJ- or another piece of software?

I've used Virtual DJ for real gigs, no problems, and fairly easy to use.

WMP playlists - which are .wpl files, and stored in XML format for Media Player 11.

Most common format is .pls and these are simply text files;

Looking at the wpl file, I can see the main guts come to a <media src> tag, which you may be able to extract in Excel - or simply find a .wpl to .pls converter.

There may be freeware to convert- it doesn't look too difficult.

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