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When Worlds Kalied

“For his first release on MixMash, VJ Uniloops has developed a hypnotic journey through spiralling virtual habitats set within the world of Kaleidoscopic vision. Spend time in this wonderland of imagery, where new shapes and patterns are configured and merged before your very eyes. From linear forms to explosions of colour, this visual mix is optimised to make the synchronisation of audio and visuals as easy as ever... This double disc set also features 21 loops (.mov/320x240) taken from the DVD mix that will upload into most software programmes.”


Trippin’ on Christmas

“Trippin' on Christmas is a Visual Light Show for TV and Video screens. Insert the disc, choose the title you want to entertain with and press play! Mute the sound on the DVD and pick the Christmas or Holiday music that you want to play for your guests. Let the Visual Light Show enhance the room! The DVD contains the main title Trippin' on Christmas - encoded for both the 16:9 Widescreen and 4:3 aspect ratio screens. As a bonus it comes with a relaxing Christmas coloured green and red full screen Lava Lamp and a silky warm fireplace. (Auto-Looping. NTSC Region Free)”


Available shortly:


Street Level

“Street Level is a DVD and VJ ready loop collection from Triggerset that fuses classic Hip Hop inspired elements with gritty urban street style. All in all the set features: 30 minutes of audio synchronised clips, Hip Hop iconography loops, DJ culture motion graphics, gritty urban cityscape loops and dynamic breakdance sessions. This two disc set features one DVD and one data disc that will upload into most software programmes.”


Visit Mixmash at www.mixmash.com

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