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Hi Guys,

recently changed from PCDJ 'Red' to 'RED Mobile' to upgrade.

Straight away started having probs, had to upgrade PC's memory, change sound card and the thing still plays up, stuttering, stops tracks, heavy distortion(so bad have to shut it down).


Having asked around local DJ's, seems every PCDJ piece of software has some sort of problem, they never seem to work 100%.


Does anyone else run the new 'Red Mobile' if so how do you find it?

All comments welcome please guys..







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I've found 'PCDJ Pro' pretty stable, but it is an older version - I use it for personal use now rather than for DJ'ing as I get fed up with windows media player.


Had a few problems with the PCDJFX when it was first released. I know nothing about the version you've mentioned but if you're quite unhappy with the software, take it up with the developer / software company.

If you've done that, what was the outcome?


Obviously, a lot depends on the system (O/S) and any required updates / patches with DJ software these days.


On a general point, I understand that hacked / cracked and beta release versions of software can crash due tp conflict issues, and may not work with patches, latest updates, other software or O/S updates. Make a note of the release version / build of the software in question (which can usually be found in the 'about' or header icons) to help with enquiries.








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