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Hi Everyone,


I have been running with Cds and CDG's for karaoke for sometime now, I am now thinking of going over to PC can anyone advise best software/hardware I will still use the same amp and speakers etc.


many thanks





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Hi steve


have a good long think about changing to laptop dj'ing as its a costly affair. The benefits are great but come at a premium


Core 2 duo laptop with 2gb ram £400-£500

External Hdd - £50+

Decent Software £70+

software controller £150+ (using a mouse works but is tricky)

Multi channel soundcard £80

Pro dub licence £300+


Thats just an example of the gear needed, and you will still find yourself dragging cd around with you unless you have got big you know whats


sorry if i sound a bit negative but its a big decision to make and you cant do things by half. The idea of a multi channel soundcard is to have individual outputs form the vitual players feeding 2 mixer channels enabling cue'ing etc. a software controller would be more practical and enables better control instead of a mouse.


I currently use an acer extensa 5620 core 2 duo with 1mb ram. I run virtual DJ pro with a numark djio soundcard. I use a mouse currently (saving up for a pair of denon dns1200's) as im a generic party dj and mixing is not too important at the moment. I love digital dj'ing being able to play requests by the time people have finished asking and having my collection easily searchable.


a good way to do things a bit cheaper is buy something like the numark total control/omni control as it comes with Numark cue which is Virtual Dj under the numark name. Virtual Dj allow a month free trial of full functioning software.


For DJ'ing I would recommend that you have the oem operating system stripped off and basic windows installed, inc necessary drivers with a few tweaks as the last thing you want is norton anti virus doing a scan in the middle of a party.


Hope this info helps


Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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Always read the small print of any T&Cs.

One member of this forum has already been told that effectively, dubbing of karaoke CD+G discs are NOT covered by the Produb licence - so it is probably a very good idea to read here...and read here with regard to karaoke and the Produb licence before scrambling for the wallet like this chap!




If you choose to contact the Produb Company / organisation direct for clarity, great. But ALWAYS GET THEIR STATEMENT / REPLY IN WRITING, as DJs in the past have reportedly been told more tales than a volume of the Grimm's fairy tales - and that IS pretty grim! :lol2:


I've been told that dubbing own CDs to MP3 and using commercially in public, you'll need the licence, unless you legally purchase MP3s and utilise from the drive you downloaded directly to, and continue to use higher quality CDs - no licence (apparently) required.

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I'm no expert but I think there will be a shift away from CD+G towards Karaoke DVD's and as the range grows it will make it easier for PCDJ's.


Although I use a PC I think the audience still expect to see loads of kit to make them feel they're getting their money's worth.


Teez :tree:

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